My Hypothesis – Sunflower0311

  1. Obesity in the United States.
  2. Obesity in Children in the United States.
  3. Childhood obesity is caused by lack of physical activity.
  4. Increasing time spent being active in schools will help decrease obesity in children.
  5. Increasing time spent in physical education will help decrease obesity in children.
  6. Making physical education mandatory for schools in the United States will help alleviate obesity in children.
  7. Utilizing exergaming in schools within the United States will help alleviate obesity in children.
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3 Responses to My Hypothesis – Sunflower0311

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is a good start, Sunflower, and certainly a topic that has been WIDELY researched. My first cursory search at Google Scholar ( delivered 31,000 academic sources for “childhood obesity” “physical activity” “physical education”:

    The trouble with a topic that’s been THAT thoroughly studied is that there’s very little left for you to say about it. What I hope you’ll do is drill down to find something much more specific and counterintuitive. It’s SO OBVIOUS that physical activity would help reduce childhood obesity, readers will wonder why you need to write about it at all.

    One good method to narrow your results is to take Google’s advice and consider following searches others have followed before you. A drop-down box will offer possibilities to guide you:

    One unfamiliar term I kept seeing was exergaming, so I followed up by linking to the Quan, Pope, Gao source you see in the list below:

    The source seems like a good one to demonstrate something a little different: that, in good weather and bad, for kids who are addicted to screen interactions, a well-designed deployment of video programs that demand physical interaction can be part of a Physical Education program.

    This may not appeal to you in particular, Sunshine, but I offer it as an example of how a 20-minute session with Google Scholar can open up research angles you might never have thought of after weeks of brainstorming.

    What do you think? Need more help getting started?


    • sunflower0311 says:

      Thank you so much, I looked more into the idea of exergaming and found it very interesting. I am going to change my hypothesis to have something to do with exergaming and then continue to research to see if I can narrow it down even further.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Here’s a direct link to that Exergaming source:


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