Robust Verbs-Levixvice

A major issue in Vancouver appears to be heroin addicts committing crimes proving an overall high crime rate which has supported their habits and desire for more heroin, as the crimes committed include; breaking and entering as well as stealing. Heroin-prevention program called “free heroin for addicts” had been diverting addicts away from heroin use, though the program does not effectively remove the heroin from them. An obvious factor for heroin addicts that they are unhinged so addicts cannot integrate into society and daily activities are far out of reach, which adds to their distress during difficult times. The solution to preventing crimes from heroin addicts could potentially lead to the legalization of heroin in Vancouver. The program will provide heroin to these addicts as a precaution to prevent more crimes from occurring from this group, as well as hospitals no longer having to deal with them because of their bad habits and stalling to pay the bills. 

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