“Too Many Selfies”


The video shows what seems to be a man putting down a drink on a table. He is at the table with what seems to be a friend. They are in a crowded bar with lots of alcohol present.


We see the man turn away from the table whilst grabbing hold of his car/home keys. At the same time the man looks around as if someone is calling his name. He focuses on the ceiling.


The shows a confused expression on his face. He gestures outward with his car/home keys still in his hands.


He continue to stare at the ceiling with a confused but listening type of look.


The camera cuts to the mans phone. He is texting someone named derek. He’s using multiple emojis in his his message. His previous texts show peace sign emojis and car emojis. Laughing emojis follow.


The camera cuts to show his torso and up. He lowers his phone with his hand. He also lowers his sight line a little bit and speaks something. Then cuts to a close up on his face that expresses worry.


The camera cuts to a brief clip of the man in front of 3 other people. The man has his hand outstretched while him and the three others smile and make hand gestures at the top of his outstretched hand.


The camera cuts again quickly to another brief clip of the man holding the camera showing his face and holding up his fingers in a peace sign and an open mouth smile. He has two people to the right of him, one is a man sticking his tongue out, the other is a woman also holding up her fingers in a peace sign with a big smile. There is one man on the right of the man who is half smiling and looking above the camera.


The camera then cuts to another brief clip. This time the man of focus has his phone in an outstretched hand while two girls who are posing and smiling while looking at the mans phone. There is a man blurred out in the background also in looking at the phone while holding up two peice signs.


Another brief clip show the camera being held by the man while smiling at it. Next to him on the right is a woman with a confused look. On the left of the man is another man with a confused look.


The camera cuts back to a shot of the man fro torso up. The man looks and clutches his keys. He begins to lower the into his front pocket.


A close up camera shot of the mans hand placing the keys into his front pocket of his jeans.


The camera cut back to a shot of the man’s torso-up shot. The camera quickly pans to the right showing another man leaning on a table holding a microphone.


The man with the micro phone begins to speak. He then looks to the left.


the camera cuts to a close up shot to the original man who quickly looks to the right.


The camera cuts back to a close up to the man with the microphone smiling and nodding his head.


The camera cuts back again to the original man who begins to walk forward and gestures to the man with the microphone. A “common” gesture.


The camera cuts to a picture of a rear tail light. Texts and symbols show up on the screen as the car starts driving away. The text staes “Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving”. One symbol is the “Ad Council” logo. And “NHTSA” logo.

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