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Working Hypothesis:

  1. Sunscreen is bad for your skin.

2. Sunscreen blocks your skin from the healthy benefits of the sun, leading it to be more susceptible to the certain harmful rays of the sun.

3. Sunscreen replaces your immune systems efforts to fight off the harmful rays of the sun, weakening it and rendering it fully dependant.

Purposeful Summaries:

  1. How Does Sunscreen Work?


The article How Does Sunscreen Work explains that there are two different types of sunscreen. Physical Blockers are ground particles that lay on your skin and reflect the UV rays from the sun away from you. Chemical Absorbers are thin layers on the skin that will absorb the UV rays before reaching your skin. These are most often used together, therefore it is hard to individually argue each one. The author also included that 1 in 3 cancers reported are skin cancer.

2. Sunscreen use: controversies, challenges and regulatory aspects


This study by the British Journal of Dermatology shows the possible adverse effects of sunscreen. The article addresses sunscreens toxicity, its increase of risk in melanoma, the effect it has on vitamin D consumption, and the way sunscreen is used. The study shows that a vast majority of people use sunscreen improperly, rendering it “technically inadequate”. Therefore people are still being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun while the blockage of vitamin D keeps your skin unhealthy and weak.

3. The Real Health Benefits of Getting Some Sun


In this article, SCL Health advises that getting sun is quite beneficial for your skin. The sun provides you and your skin with vitamins and hormones that are good for your bone health, mental health, and can even treat some skin diseases. They recommend 15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen can provide these benefits.

4. Cancer Stat Facts: Melanoma of the Skin


The statistics in this study show the steady increase in skin cancer. This leads me to infer that sunscreen does not help to decrease skin cancer rates since it has been regularly used throughout the years of the study. The survival rate of these diagnoses is attributed the the treatment given by medical professionals not sunscreen use.

5. Boost the Immune System


The University of Maryland shows how you can manage your health to improve your immune system. The article suggests that certain strategies and supplements will strengthen your immune system to help you fight off diseases. This article promotes healthy living rather than using cosmedics and pills. In relation to sunscreen, if you stay healthy and take supplements that’ll boost your immune system rather then replace it with blockers, the longevity of healthy and life will improve.

6. Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19


This article highlights the way your immune system can learn and adapt. The patients of covid-19 post infection have shown to have very effective immunity against the same disease.

Current State:

I am currently working on collecting small sources that i will make work together to get to my final conclusion. My thesis is still up in the air and I’m working to reach a revised final product.

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