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“Within a few thousandths of a second, the blade slammed to a stop.” This quote is a numerical claim because it shows evidence of how the slaw blade stops before anything could go wrong. The claim was used to have the audience want to buy this product.

“That sounded like a good kind of saw to me.”The customer believes that the saw would not cut off a finger. The claim would be a casual one, because the customer is just viewing an advertisement, such as the video.

Industry Spokespeople:
The saw can see the difference between a piece of wood and your finger.” This could be a factual claim or a categorical claim. A factual claim would be how the spokesperson mentions that the saw can tell the difference and stop itself before bodily harm is influenced. Also, it could be a categorical claim by comparing the difference between a piece of wood and a finger. (The piece of wood will not stop the machine but a finger, will stop the saw.)

Consumer Safety Advocates:
Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.” This is a causal claim, saws in the past, and most of them now, do not have the technology to prevent injuries from occurring. (The flesh-sensitive technology has even been around for a little over a decade.)  

Injured Plaintiffs:
“Your typical $400 jobsite saw would potentially rise in cost to around $625.” This is a quantitative claim. Most people cannot afford the expensive technology, even though it can save a finger. That is why today most companies only use the cheaper saws because people will not buy the expensive ones.

Personal Injury Lawyers:
“More injuries than any other woodworking tool.” The claim explains how dangerous a table saw is, and how there could be a way to prevent the harm. The factual evidence proves that a table saw is extremely dangerous, and the flesh-sensitive technology would help stop the harm caused by the table saws.

Government Officials:
To emphasize that the injuries resulting from the use of table saws are, in many cases, particularly gruesome.” (Inez M. Tenenbaum) This quote is a categorical claim because they are saying how the injuries are extremely horrible. (Gruesome) Inez is saying his opinion to try to convince the public to buy the technology.

News Reporters:
This is a man who has faith in his creation.” This is an evaluative claim because it assesses the pride Steve Gass has in his work. He believes that his invention could put a stop to preventable injuries from a table saw.

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