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Manufacturers: Steve Gass demonstrates again and again that his sensor has and can save people from serious injuries. “Table saws cause thousands of these really horrible injuries every year. This inventor, a guy named Steve Gass, had actually figured out a way to prevent just about all of those accidents.” Gass claims that his blade can sense flesh within 4/1000ths of a second and bring the blade to a stop. He is trying to make the best safety precaution on the market in order to prevent more injuries.

Customers: The articles have a hard time claiming whether or not the customers will buy the tables if the price rises. “Not sure how well that will be received by consumers who can keep themselves safe…” It is very hard to predict how consumers will react to price and product changes, even when it is an added safety precaution, some may be less willing to buy when the prices are increased. If the customer cares about their wallet they will buy the cheapest option regardless of safety. On the other hand those who care about the craft or even their employees, they may buy a table saw that has more safety precautions and durability.

Industry Spokespeople: “’SawStop is currently available in the marketplace to any consumer who chooses to purchase it,’ says Susan Young, who represents Black & Decker, Bosch, Makita and other power tool companies.” They will claim whatever their company is paying them to say. For those companies that had no sensory safety protocols a few years back, they tried relaying that customers that cared to buy a table saw with such safety precautions, could get it with SawStop. The National Consumers League should not force companies to make this mandatory on all saws, which in turn may cause less sales to the companies due to the necessity to increase the prices. “Safety doesn’t sell.”

Freelance Woodworkers: “Consumer choice can dictate whether this technology and its associated potential issues and added cost will gain widespread acceptance by consumers” Those who make this a living or frequent hobby would most likely feel inclined to buy a table saw that has more safety precautions. Steve Gass, the creator of SawSafe, as well as reporter Chris Arnold, are both interested in woodworking on the side or as a hobby. They both felt that the precautions were a good investment in the long run.

Consumer Safety Advocates: “The National Consumers League last month brought in injured woodworkers to meet with lawmakers and regulators. ” These advocates used those injured by table saws in order to claim the need for a mandated SawStop safety brake on all table saws. They try to advocate for those whose ability to work has been taken away due to serious injuries and has affected their ability to provide for their families. “They want to make the SawStop safety brake mandatory on all table saws.”

Injured Plaintiffs: All those who were injured while using table saws will likely claim that they would not have been injured if the company had more safety precautions. “My elbow entered the blade and it proceeded to pull my arm all the way through the blade, cutting 100 percent through the ulna bone — tendons, ligaments, nerves.” Adam Thull’s family, the man who has been affected by this injury, claimed that he is no longer able to work and provide for his family. 

News Reporters: “But as well as the technology works, the major tool companies have failed to put this kind of device on any of their table saws — even eight years after Gass offered to license it to them.” Chirs Arnold claims as well as other reporters that SawStop was a great idea, but sadly certain safety precautions took a few years to be implemented. Arnold claims that even in a meeting with table saw companies and the Consumer Product Safety Commission could not come to an agreement due to the companies denying the need to mandate the sensor in all table saws.

comatosefox’s Claim: Personally I know how much safety precautions can save someone years of suffering just for a few hundred dollars. On multiple occasions my own father has injured himself at work due to the power tools he has to use. Once or twice those have been the outcome of a table saw, just like Thull, there will be times where he was unable to work. Although it was nowhere near as bad as Thull’s but should be in companies best interest to enforce safety standards in order to prevent events like these in the future. Of course some of these articles are a few years old and some companies have released safer table saws.

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