Section 14

Chemical exposure, stress reaction, no one knows, but the skin cracks and opens up raw with lesions sometimes. 

The author expresses an Evaluative Claim by using her judgement. It is explained that certain factors may cause a type of wound in the skin. She uses the word “sometimes” to support her claim by inferring prior reported cases.

Finally they enrolled him in a private clinical trial to get a needleful of anesthetic injected into a bundle of nerves at the top of his collarbone.

This quote is also an Evaluative Claim, as the author uses “needful” to argue that the treatment was very necessary. In addition, a Recommendation Claim could be evaluated due to the author saying “finally”, which can express her opinion that action should be taken earlier.

That’s when her symptoms got worse, precipitating another meltdown, this time at a steak house where she took him to celebrate his newfound calm.

The quote’s Factual Claim states how Kateri’s symptoms had worsened. the author proves this by telling the readers that she had a “meltdown” at a resturant.

For the first time since Iraq, her husband felt at peace, and was able to enjoy a steak dinner with his wife.

This is an Analogy Claim. The author uses a time in Jame’s life when we understand he felt calm to explain his level of calmness now. By comparing these two times of emotion it makes it clear to the reader to understand her claim.

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