My Hypothesis – zipemup1

  1. Money and school
  2. Money being taught in school
  3. Financial literacy should be taught to every student in America
  4. Financial literacy should be an essential core subject to all students in America
  5. Financial literacy should be included in school curriculum so students can avoid money mistake early
  6. By including financial literacy into our normal school curriculum, we can help students develop good money habits at a young age and prevent many of the mistakes that lead to a lifetime of financial difficulties.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis – zipemup1

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m completely in favor of financial literacy in the curriculum, Zipemup.
    I’m sure general health literacy would help graduates avoid illness too, or at least KNOW HOW to avoid illness.
    What research is needed to make the claim that education would be beneficial?
    Have you found evidence of experimental data (deliberate or discovered) that will demonstrate that graduates with financial training will be
    1) more likely to achieve financial success?
    2) less likely to go into bankruptcy?
    3) better able to negotiate their own contracts? mortgages? car loans?

    I don’t doubt that a little learning about finances would be helpful. I’m just asking (like a pain in the ass) how could it NOT be? Do we need research to convince us?

    I’d love to see an update of this post before our Professor Conference, Zip.
    But whether you update or not, I expect you to respond to feedback to show you respect the process. Thanks!


  2. zipemup1 says:

    Thank you for the feedback. Asking these questions to myself while researching should help me format a well written essay.


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