1.) Climate change in American Regions

2.) Climate change in the midwest

3.) Climate change in Iowa

4.) Climate change affecting farmers in Iowa

5.) Climate change affecting winter in Iowa

6.) How the dropping temperatures in winter in Iowa have been affected by climate change

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2 Responses to Hypothesis-ILoveDunkinOverStarbucks

  1. davidbdale says:

    Is there something to say about colder winters in Iowa BEYOND that they appear to be the result of a global climate change?

    Is it possible you mean to illustrate the odd seemingly counterintuitive situation that a gradual WARMING of the globe could result in COLDER anything anywhere? That might be worth 3000 words, and it would be helpful to provide a concise explanation for that peculiar phenomenon for those who point at blizzards as a way to REFUTE global warming.

    We’ll talk more about this at our conference later today, Dunkin. Meanwhile, you can respond to my question here, or use it as a prompt to seek some sources on the challenge it presents.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Your conference has been re-scheduled for today, Autumn, TUE OCT 05. You haven’t responded to the notes I left you above. I hope you’re following your own posts. See you in class, and later on Zoom.


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