My Hypothesis-levixvice

  1. Spotted lanternfly eggs should return to China permanently before future generations are born.
  2.  Spotted Lanternflies must be prevented from coming into contact with firewood, hardwood, or grapes by restricting the shipping trade in China and letting their traders check out for any lanternflies.
  3. The Lanternflies’ eggs and larvae must be taken out from the firewood or any hatching area it has propagated onto and sent to a separated province where no lanternfly is near the docks or any wood. 
  4. Only through the actions of the local citizens must prevent lanternflies’ population of lanternflies from spreading in their country by either elimination of the species from other countries or by taking them off through the trading examination. 
  5. Government officials should enact a trading policy to check any invasive species such as the spotted Lanternfly from spreading over the world and creating an imbalance to the ecosystem.
  6. The destruction of the spotted lanternfly would help with the aid of the policy for invasive species to not only kill them, but send them off to labs where the species can be studied under federal supervision. 
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