My Hypothesis—eagles21

1.going back to the moon

2. Going back to the moon can further education

3. Going back to the moon can help further education

4. Its good to check back up on the moon

5. Going to the moon during different phases can be seen different at all phases

6. Going back to the moon is essential to understanding planet earth more.

7. Going back to moon is essential for americans because we own that moon and its very beautiful piece of life that helps us live. Helps us in the longrun to understand the rest of humanity and what we believe in. Thats because the moon is very valued here on planet earth. history always repeats itself.

8. Going back to the moon will help new studies. Because life here on earth always changes and so will the know this because i have a belief the moon is very fragile and unique in detail.

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1 Response to My Hypothesis—eagles21

  1. davidbdale says:

    I like the freshness, and particularly the crackpot notion that exploring the moon during different phases might yield different aspects of the thing. (Won’t it be too dark during a new moon? We’ll need to take some big spotlights.)

    I’m not sure what the Hypothesis actually is here though, eagles. Would you care to speculate what sort of discoveries we might make that would contribute to our well-being? Are the insights you seek scientific or humanitarian? Are we sending poets? Forgive me for wanting some clarity. It’s in my nature to pit specifics against specifics and hope for sparks.


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