Health is being sacrificed for comfort

People indulge recklessly in both mental and physical stimulants

Overindulging in unhealthy habits can negatively affect health

Unhealthy food and drink is affecting society in more ways than one.

Unhealthy eating/drinking habits affects you both physically and mentally.

Unhealthy food and drink is our generation’s addiction and it is affecting people both physically and mentally. 

Following our Conference, I decided to make my Hypothesis funny.

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3 Responses to Hypothesis-Minutemen14

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m not sure I see the counterintuitive angle of this Hypothesis, Minutemen. Unhealthy food produces ill health is how I read it. That doesn’t appear to require much persuasion.

    What MIGHT be counterintuitive would be contradictory health practices. For example, if vegetarians, or vegans, say, overindulged in alcohol or recreational pharmaceuticals. That would give you a chance to be surprised by the hypocrisy or the willful denial of people whose commitment to their health is decidedly 50/50.

    You say bad food and drink is “our generation’s addiction,” so I assume you believe your generation is immune to the addictions of earlier generations.

    “Affecting people physically and mentally” is much too vague. It could even refer to physical and mental BENEFITS of hazardous foods and beverages.

    I hope this helps narrow and clarify your thinking, Minuteman. Whether you revise right away or not, I expect you to respond to feedback to indicate your respect for the process; otherwise, I may not be as helpful next time. Thanks!


  2. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t responded to the Note I left you above, minutemen. Since then, you’ve had more than a week to “think about” your hypothesis. As I’ve said many times in class, that’s usually pretty useless. If you’re not reading sources on this topic, you’re behind. Let’s get specific in our Zoom Conference today. See you soon.


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