My Hypothesis- strawberryfields4

  1. Teaching kids calories are bad
  2. Health class presenting a low calorie diet as healthy
  3. The effect on children of giving calories a negative connotation
  4. Teaching children about a balanced diet without negatively labeling certain foods as good or bad will promote a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Properly informing children about the necessity for a balanced, yet nonrestrictive diet, will prevent the development of disordered eating.
  6. Rather than advocating for a low calorie diet to achieve the healthiest lifestyle, schools should promote a well balanced and nonrestrictive diet to prevent the development of disordered eating in children. 
  7. The misinformed and self righteous educators, who have no formal training in the field of nutrition, have indoctrinated a generation of youth with the idea that calories are evil, and it is healthy to adopt a restrictive diet—low in calories, fats, sugars, and carbohydrates—resulting in nothing more than a population of eating disorder ridden children.
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4 Responses to My Hypothesis- strawberryfields4

  1. davidbdale says:

    I know we’ve conferenced about your Hypothesis, SF, and that you’ve revised it a bit to reflect an emphasis on the “nonrestrictive” aspect of your proposed nutritional advice, but I wonder if you might not find it more entertaining to advocate for something a little more dramatic. Readers would be more likely to check in if you found a more categorical way to frame your point of view.

    NOW: Eating sensibly from all food groups will keep kids healthy and prevent eating disorders.

    A MODEST PROPOSAL: Wrong-headed advice from the self-appointed Nutrition Police, for—whom every calorie is one too many, every fat is a bad fat, and sugar is poison—has created a generation of kids who don’t know what or how to eat. They only know what NOT to eat. When they give up trying to avoid everything and gorge or purge as a result, we have bad nutrition education to blame.

    I’d just like to know if that’s your premise because I can’t quite hear that attitude in your Hypothesis, but I’d like to hear something that straightforward about your research plan before you proceed too far.

    You may revise your Hypothesis or not at your discretion. Either way, though, I’d like to see your response. Thanks!


  2. davidbdale says:

    Well, you certainly accomplished the tone you were seeking. Now, to avoid charges that your essay is not a Researched Persuasive Argument but merely a rant, you’ll need to back up your conclusions with some hard evidence. There is also a danger that because you’re starting from a hard position you’ll be tempted to choose only evidence that supports your thesis, so do remain open to surprise. Changing your mind is as much a success as digging a deeper trench.


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