1. saffron spice healthy for males?

it seems counterintuitive to not put saffron spice in spanish food. Many studies have shown that saffron spice has helped with maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Also is used to help make you feel full. Later studies still looking for conclusive evidence show that the spice prevents early stages of alzheimers.

2.Is gmo for salmon unhealthy

it seems counterintuitive to put gmo in salmon. The high rich food in b12 has shown many properties healthier than any other fish on the market. Resulting already in profound great health. The extra gmo could lead to worse side effects with health.

3. Raccoons make a great pet

It seems counterintuitive to not allow raccoons as pet. The animal need to have such care as any dog or cat. It requires to be house fed and be very well taken care of. Many studies show raccoons if trained well can be a better pet than cats or dogs. Making a raccoon a pet can be healthy for your immune system.

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2 Responses to Summaries—Eagles21

  1. davidbdale says:

    Couple things here, Eagles.
    1. You forgot to categorize. I’ve put your post in the categories for Purposeful Summary and for Eagles21, so you don’t have to worry about this one, but please be careful to categorize in the future; otherwise, your work will get lost.
    2. You didn’t provide links to your sources. I have no idea what material you’re summarizing. This is an exercise in summary, not an opportunity for you to write original material on counterintujitive topics of your own.
    3. Your choices are charming and intriguing, so I hate to disqualify them, but they don’t meet the specifications of the assignment.


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