It seems counterintuitive that discovering an extremely valuable resource, especially one which is vital to modern industry, would be detrimental to a country, but that is all too often the case. Citizens of governments who gain revenue through this trade tend to be less wary of their governments, since they aren’t directly financing them in the way citizens of tax-funded governments are. This lack of wariness leads to reckless governance. Further, this lucrative source of revenue will attract the attention of those who wish to profit through cronyism with the state, inevitably leading to political corruption.

It seems counterintuitive that many animal species which are genetically distant from each other could share an uncanny resemblance, but evidence suggests that is the case. Cryptic species, i.e. species which have a practically evolved an identical appearance but are in fact distinct in their genetics, are widespread throughout the animal kingdom, and throughout varying environments. Due to being ostensibly the same, these cryptic species can remain undetected for a long period of time, and more will surely be discovered with time.

It seems counterintuitive that making the search for happiness one’s primary goal would lead to a lower degree of happiness, but when it overrides the struggle to find meaning, it can be emotionally ruinous. True fulfillment in life comes from having a purpose, through which one can ground themselves. Any happiness which is not intertwined with this grounding dedication is superficial and shallow, like the temporary alleviation of alcoholic buzz or a drug high. This superficial gratification can fade away in moments, while a sense of meaning can help someone to persevere through a lifetime of tribulation.

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