My Hypothesis – comatosefox

  1. Girls lacrosse
  2. Uptight girls lacrosse rules in college
  3. Loosening college rules further would allow the game to be more entertaining for both viewers and players.
  4. Adding padding to girls lacrosse will allow for less rules in college girls lacrosse when it comes to defensive plays.
  5. Helmets for college girls lacrosse would only allow for more aggressive gameplay and would make way for looser defensive rules.
  6. Although adding more padding would allow aggressive gameplay and in turn looser ruling, college players are unwilling to gear up in order to achieve this.

Blood Lust vs Psychological Warfare

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3 Responses to My Hypothesis – comatosefox

  1. comatosefox says:

    not sure if I want this to be my topic, I am interested in lacrosse as I do play for the club team here at rowan.


  2. davidbdale says:

    I’m not sure either, Fox, but it does have the benefit of being a topic that interests you (always a good thing) and about which you have some expertise.
    I wonder how you would RESEARCH this topic. What sources would support your position that “gearing up” would result in rules changes AND add interest to the game? Would a comparison between boys’ and girls’ lacrosse be helpful? What other sport or physical activity would provide analogies?


  3. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t responded to the note I left you above, Fox. By the time we Conference later today, you’ll have run out of time to be “thinking about” what your Hypothesis might be. The one you placed as a placeholder will become official unless you’re ready to replace it with something very specific. See you soon!


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