It seems counter intuitive that drug users in Vancouver are getting free, tax funded, and high grade heroin. safe injection cites, especially those in the east downtown section, are flooded with users daily. this steady supply of heroin fuels addicts habbits but decrease Vancoucers crime statistics. kevin thompson told a researcher that, as an addict, he would not be functioning without the free heroin supplied by safe injection cites. he goes on to say that he would resort to breaking into cars if his free heroin supply were to be disrupted. safe injection cites effectively throw the proverbial snowball and wait for it to grow. if we as a community let this continue the number of addicts will grow, the demand for heroin will rise, and when people get tired of funding these cites there will be more addicts that will do anything to get the drugs that would no longer be free; thus making any crime risk now look minuscule in comparison to ones in Vancouvers future.

I feel that the photographs of Fabienne charisma are counterintuitive but highly disrespectful. I believe that her story should be told but having pictures sent around the Internet of her face Down in the rubble is not the slightest bit noble. many state that we paid journalists to document these things, which is understandable. But circulating these pictures was not done to inform people, nor for altruistic reasons, you can inform people with words and it’s still effective. These reporters use these images because it makes money, they all are reporting on the same girl so the only edge they can get is a shocking, controversial picture. You could argue that the picture portrays emotion and that could help spread awareness, but how many earthquakes and shocking pictures of such surface from Haiti? If the emotional aspect really works then how much more do we need to see before everyone’s ‘aware’ of what’s happening in Haiti? I believe that most people know what’s happening in Haiti, people and organizations just don’t want to be accountable for an impoverished nation that sits on the North American/Caribbean Faultline. If these people truly cared then why did they spend their money on reporting instead of donating, it’s because spending money does not make money when you give it to a nation that needs it, they would much rather capitalize off the catastrophes then help stabilize a country in need because it gives them no economic growth. I understand that many organizations don’t have enough money to support an entire country, but there’s a fine line between reporting what’s happening and photographing a dead 15-year-old for shock value to your audience.

It seems counterintuitive to prescribed antibiotics and recommend Kenny the elephant not to perform. However, his handler acknowledged but declined the doctors, Gary D West, recommendations, causing Kenny to perform but not be able to perform any stunts. After the advised show ended, Kenny bled rectally because he over exerted himself, while ill, during  previous shows. He inevitably succumbed to his illnesses because of a lack of medical attention; though, the circus states that the cause of death is still unknown. Later animal activist organizations sued the circus on the grounds of willful abuse, this circus denied being aware of such things. But around 2009 his handler told the court that he was oblivious to the fact that his employees were equipping the elephants with ankuses, harshly whipping them, and even shocking them on certain occasions.

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