Causal Rewrite—ndb1996

Needs a Title

            When parents sign their children up for a sport for the first time one of the first questions is: Who is my child’s coach? Who will lead my child to success? Who will teach my child the necessary technique it takes to become a good athlete? But most importantly, who will watch out for my child while he or she is taking part in the game? Coaches are looked at in many different ways. Some coaches are even parents, but in the end coaches should all have the same goal. They should be interested in helping the child succeed in the sport they are playing but also teach them about life along the way.

Marvin Lewis has been coaching the Bengals since the year 2003. Prior to his tenure with Cincinnati he made numerous stops at several locations including Idaho State, Long Beach State, New Mexico, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington. He has always been regarded as one of the best coaches in the NFL. He has posted a record of 109-92-2 record while head coaching the Cincinnati Bengals. He won Coach of the Year in 2009 and won the Super Bowl as an assistant. However in 2014, Lewis made comments about Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict’s concussion. According to Huffington Post’s article titled “NFLPA President Rips Bengals Coach over Questionable Concussion Comments”, “Lewis seemed to suggest that the media is to blame for the concussions lingering longer.” Lewis then referred to his coaching resume saying “I coached defense and linebackers for a long time and concussions didn’t linger.”

As a coach, especially as a professional sports coach where Marvin Lewis is looked at as a role model, there is no right for him to make these accusations. Concussions are a much more serious thing than ever before. As a society we cannot blame the media for a physical injury that shortens the lives of these players. He is supposed to be there as a support system for his player and especially support the league in raising awareness. There is a chance Lewis was just not educated enough about the topic of concussions. His job title does not force him to learn medical procedures which could lead to him making these comments. This is where the league needs to take action. There is no reason for coaches to say these types of things. The league should be educating every coach, official, and player in the game. This should not only take place in the NFL either. It should be passed down to college, high school, and youth leagues.

In America sports are taken very seriously. From the tailgates to the parades, the citizens of the country love their sport. The players love it even more. They are aware of the long lasting ramifications the sport of football has on their lives and their family’s lives. They accept the challenge and provide us with unlimited entertainment from September to February. However this is no excuse to the NFL not being aware of how concussions play the biggest role in the NFL. Just because the players are willing to be paid to suffer concussions, does not give the league a reason to not show any attention to the topic.

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