white paper-hiralp365


The heroine use by Vancouver patients

The addiction of heroine after long term use

Psychological effect of heroine

An alternate approach to treating patients

Very unethical for government to support the site program

Practice opening 1)

Who knew heroine would soon be used to treat heroine addict patients? Heroin is one of the deadliest drug that does tremendous harm to human health. The use of heroine by patients must be eliminated to prevent further harm to patients health and help in keeping moral ethics. There are many countries such as Canada and many other in Europe which allow the world’s purest heroine to be used by the heroine addicts. Especially in a city called Vancouver, they have huge bunch of users. Have the doctors failed so much that they will let these patients slowly die in name of treatment. The governments have made it legal for any patient to shot heroine into their pulse as log as it’s done under medical supervision. This seems like something we all must be concerned of.

Practice opening 2)

There are so many heroine addicts who are suffering to be addict free and live healthy life once again. No matter how hard it is for patient to get rid of the habit, Is it ethical to give heroine to these patients to treat them. By giving heroine to heroine addict patient it won’t do any good but more harm to patients health and make them mentally depended upon it more. An alternate must be searched for in delicate case like this.

Hypothesis 1:
The harm reduction program keeps addicts out of jail and emergency rooms; however, it fails to prevent heroin addiction, which kills addicts or at least makes them critically ill.

Hypothesis 2:
A harm reduction program paired up with a rehabilitation facility, in addition to reducing crime and disease, might actually cure addicts of their addiction.


Topics for smaller paper:

  • How many patients were able to successfully recover from heroine treatement compared to died.
  • Different places the insite location has been open
  • How people had protest to stop this unethical use

Current state of research paper:

So far I have many different sources I can use to helps me with my argument on this paper. I may still need more information on other categories. Overall, I find this topic very interesting to research about. My biggest struggle is how I will make my paper flow smoothly. After several organization of content and getting more information, I will overcome it.

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