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Practice Opening:

Capital punishment has been one of many shadows that covers our nations history. The costs alone are radical in comparison to other forms of punishment such as life in prison. Many believe that the death penalty is a very good deterrent for index crimes but research has shown that there is no evidence supporting this. There are very few states that still practice capital punishment, but it needs to be done away with completely. Our nation has evolved since the 18th century and so should our practices.

Practice Opening:

The death penalty is still alive and well in many states across our nation. Many of the cases where the end result is death are black males, over 70% of all cases. This shows the racial bias that capital punishment has on black males. Whom many could not afford their own council to defend themselves in court. Some of those who could not afford council were perhaps innocent men that given the chance, a good defense team would have proven in the court of law.

Content Description:

  • Racially biased in Capital Punishment.
  • Costs of performing the death penalty.
  • The innocent killed by death penalty.

Racially Biased toward black males in capital punishment.

Since 1977 over 77% of all death penalties that occur are done to black males. Many of the states that still perform the death penalty are from the south who are known for their racist feelings toward minorities, primarily blacks. A large amount of jurors in the south are white therefore leading to many guilty verdicts.

Costs of Death Penalty.

The death penalty is substantially more expensive then giving someone life in jail without parole. There have been reports in which its stated that by abolishing the death penalty in a state will save them 90 million dollars annually. In Florida it was learned that each death penalty costs the state 3 million dollars.

The innocent killed by capital punishment.

Many innocent people are killed each year from capital punishment. A majority of them could not afford their own council. New technology is finding each time a person was wrongfully executed and what can we even do if we have killed them before we find out. Death is a final solution and there are no redos, so why not give them life in prison and be able to set them free if found not guilty one day.

Working hypothesis.

  1. The death penalty is near the end in its life in our country. This will lead states to focus tax payers money in more needed areas.
  2. Capital punishment will be abolished in the United States and less will wrongfully die each year due to this barbaric penalty.

Topics for Smaller papers.

  • Racism in Our legal systems.
  • The results of abolishing the death penalty.
  • Innocent people put to death.

Current state:

I feel that this topic is full of information and Gives me room to show my stance along with the facts and statistics. Though I need to find more info that I can use in my paper. This needs to be known by many so that there can be changes made to our current system for dealing with this.

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