White Paper—cswilliams

A practice opening:

Mass shootings have been a big problem in the United States for over a decade now. A mass shooting is when a single individual unleashes deadly force by firearms into a crowd of defensively people. Ever since the Columbine shooting in Colorado in 1999, there have been more and more mass shootings in places especially at educational institutes. More and more communities are being traumatized because of mass shootings. There are two main reasons as to why these mass shootings occur. First is the fact that automatic firearms such as assault rifles are too easy to obtain within the country. The second reason is that the fact that individuals feel lonely in society and feel the need to unleash terror among other individuals in society. Something needs to be done about this occurring problem.

A practice opening:

It’s a weekly occurrence now. People here it on the news all the time. The same questions always pop up such as “Where was it this time”, “How many died” and “Is the killer in custody?” The sad thing is that it is not even tragic anymore because it happens so much nowadays and nothing is being done to fix the problem. Innocent lives are lost everyday because of these common killers that are called mass shootings. A mass shooting is when a single individual unleashes a deadly force by firearms into a crowd of defenseless people. This occurs in places such as schools, movie theaters and even churches. So the question is anything being done to prevent this? The answer is no. The United States’ is the only 1st world country that has this problem. Countries like Australia and Great Britain don’t suffer from these problems. It is probably because that these countries have way more stricter gun laws than United States’ gun laws. To add to this, our leaders of this country don’t seem to care that is an occurring problem in our country nor are they making any process to fix this gun violence.

2015 Oregon Community College shooting:

Just recently there has been another mass murder that occurred Umpqua Community College in Western Oregon. This was yet another community that has been traumatized by gun violence. Many questions unfolded with this story such as how and why did he commit such a heinous crime. The answers were obvious because as a country we have become accustomed to such gun violence before. Due to respect of the victims, the Oregon killer’s name will not be mentioned. The Oregon killer suffered from being lonely as a young adult and as a result he developed mental health issues and was angry toward other people that felt that did him wrong in society. He was a part of a notorious and now considered a terrorist organization by some people, Beta Uprising. This organization is mainly composed of young males, mostly in their early 20’s that feel inferior to society and what to take out their angry by unleashing a mass killing. This isn’t the first time something like this as occurred. Another mass murder, who’s name will also not be mentioned, also committed a mass shooting at Santa Barbara University in California. He was also apart of the same organization as the Oregon killer’s. Both of these people show signs of mental health issues and were not treated properly. This made them go out of their way to buy many firearms so they could go out and commit this crime. They also were able to by the guns legally which they shouldn’t have allowed to. The FBI confirms that the background check failed on both of these guys. Another problem would be that on how they were able to buy these dangerous weapons so easily. This is because the United States also isn’t strict enough with gun control. I do believe people have the right to defend themselves with guns but the National Rifle Association(NRA) shouldn’t be selling assault rifles to the public people. Only the military and other law enforcement agencies should have the right to use these weapons. This has shown to cause multiple problems within this country. The problem with taking away assault rifles is that it would go against the second amendment of the constitution which will also cause problems to people. This is a difficult process to fix but our leaders of this country should be motivated than they are currently.

Current State of Paper:
I think I have a lot of ideas that I want to talk about, I just have to form them into a complete research to ensure that it makes sense to all of the readers.

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