Visual Rewrite—bj112295

Here is the Video:


A young couple around their mid-twenties, are out in a forest area. Both are dressed in relaxing comfy fall weather clothes, so the weather might be a little chilly but not too cold and it is nice and sunny outside. The indication that it is fall, because plaid clothing is usually the fashion statement of the fall season when it is chilly but not cold enough to where you need a heavy jacket more or less you would need a light plaid jacket or light long sleeve shirt. The female is on her cell phone maybe trying to get a connection, maybe just looking through her social media accounts. Her facial expression looks as if she could care less about this camping experience. The male is looking at the female as if he wants help from her, or he is a little frustrated with her because she is just standing there not helping him. His frustration that he is frustrated seems to not bother the young women. A fire is either beginning to be prepared to be started or a fire has just gotten put out, indicating the bucket to the right of the males leg. It also looks as if they are packing up to leave the tent site or maybe they just unpacked and are just arriving.


The male is not looking at his female companion, or sister, or maybe just a friend anymore. His face is directed towards the fire pit right below him. The focus is on him now, the female is out of the picture at this frame of the video. There appears to be a look of disappointment that the fire maybe is not starting, or he could be sad that him and his lady friend have to leave this lovely weekend they might of or might not had, or he is just upset that he had to put the fire out because it symbolized that the great weekend he just had , has come to and end. Which indicates the packing or unpacking of the tent behind them and the luggage. So could they have been on a camping trip? It is a possibility.


Something has seemed to distracted the female from her smartphone device. She is now looking down either at her male friend or the fire pit. Maybe she sees that her friend is upset that he had to put the fire out, or her friend is elated that the fire is beginning to pick up. There could be something else on the ground that has caught her eye, maybe a furry animal, or a crawly critter, her expression is unknown to me.


The camera is focused back on the male now, and he seems to be a little elated that the fire is going out finally, or because his hand is resting over the pit, he maybe feeling for the heat of the fire if it is picking up or cooling down, but you can tell that the video clip is focused on the fire somehow, someway, because the fire pit seems to be the main focus in most of the video.


The male is standing up and looking satisfied because the fire has either picked up or the fire has gone out. Now he can finally finish some other task that he may have to do. There is a tall furry object or creature standing next to him that the male has yet to realize.


The furry tall creature/object has caught the males eye and he has turned his head to see  what is standing next to him. He does not look scared but he looks confused and in utter shock.


The creature/object is still unidentified to the viewers eyes. It seems to have grabbed the male to hug him or strangle him. By the looks of the males face, which is confused/ comforted the creature/object is hugging him.


The creature/object is revealed to the viewers eyes and it is a bear standing on two feet and his name might be smokey or that might be the name of the forest they are in, the bear is wearing pants and a hat , looking like a sate park ranger. The bear is continuing to hug the male and the bear and the male seem to be in a comforted mood. Maybe the bear is congratulating the man for not making a mess while he stayed in the forest or not starting a fire or even putting out the fire safely.


The camera is focused back on the female, she seems in a sate of she has no idea what is happening. Her mind cannot wrap around the idea of this bear on two feet hugging her friend. Maybe she is scared and is beginning to call 911 or maybe she is taking a photo for her phone or her social media accounts.


The bear and the male or looking at each other eye to eye now and have stopped hugging. the bear seems to be maybe giving him a pat on the back for a good job or telling him verbally that you did a great deed to our forest and he is welcome to come back and stay anytime. The males face seems to be understanding the bear and they are both in agreement.


The bear is maybe leaving the male to go somewhere else or maybe he is going over to the female to talk to her or hug her. Maybe the bear is just finished congratulating the male and is moving on to another campsite to congratulate another family.


The male and female are side by side and are maybe conversing about what just happen, they look calm but still in some sort of shock.


The female is showing the picture that she took in her phone to the male or maybe someone is calling her phone and wants to speak to the male.


The camera is facing the backs of the two friends/lovers and you can now see the bear walking away from the campsite, maybe they are saying goodbye and or thank you as the bear walks away from them.


The bear maybe hears them and says you are welcome but does not look back, and the friends/lovers seem to be happy that they did such a good job maybe cleaning up the campsite or putting the fire out safely.

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