White Paper- peachesxo

Contents Description

  • Statistics on injuries related to no doctor accountability
  • The problem with no accountability
  • some of doctors most common mistakes and solutions for accountability
  • improvement on healthcare and doctors performance
  • Why accountability is important.

Practice Opening 1

The accountability of medical error towards Doctors has been a problem for several decades. Doctors will make mistakes that leaves the patient dead or seriously injured. These mistakes can be prevented, however, there is no accountability towards Doctors. This paves way to many more mistakes in the future; some mistakes are wrong site surgeries and mistaken patient identification. These mistakes could be prevented if the Doctors were monitored on their daily work schedule and check ups.

Practice Opening 2

Medical mistakes can end a patient’s life no matter how small the situation is. The Institute of Medicine estimated that 98,000 people died in hospitals from preventable mistakes. The performance of Medical personnel has been poor throughout the years because Doctors do not put in their full effort in treating a patient. Accountability puts medical personnel in the position where they have to put in a full effort because they are monitored and expected to improve over time. As a result, patients will get full care and the proper surgeries and checkups done to them.


44,000 – 98,000 people die in the hospital each year due to medical error. The number of deaths due to medical error exceeds those of disease, cancer, and other medical conditions.

Working Hypothesis 1

Doctors are not accountable for their errors and this creates more errors that can be easily fixed.

Working Hypothesis 2

Medical personnel should be accountable for the mistakes they create because they will not make the same mistake again and no more patients will be seriously ill.

Current State of Research

I have the paragraphs outlined, however, I need to look for more information to elaborate in the paragraphs. I know what I want to write about, I just need to research more. In my paper, I want to use some examples of patient illness related to accountability. Also, I’m going to add why Doctors are not held accountable in today’s society even though they should be.

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