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Pushing American Fast Food Culture on Forgein Cultures is Counter intuitive


Destruction of Health

Raising health care cost

Obesity Rate statistics

Negative Impact on Culture

Animal Cruelty Fast Food Chains deal

Practice Opening 1

The owners of the fast food establishments need to the need to stop building their establishment’s in other countries. In the United States alone, according to Yahoo Finance, there are about 15,000 McDonalds and increasing. Since the United States has already a vast number of fast food chains, the owners have been building these establishments in other countries. The negative impact of these fast food restaurants on foreign consumers is incontrovertible.

Practice Opening 2

American Culture has always been something the American population has always been proud of. Our culture includes our love for the local sport teams and having BBQ on the 4th of July to celebrate our day of Independence. Although those are good customs to have, there are negative customs and that would be our fast food consumption. Over 25% of Americans consume fast food everyday, and now that establishments are in other countries, it has caused a negative impact on not only the culture, but the health of the consumers, and how we raise our animals.

When one travels to another country, it is safe to assume that during their travels they have aspirations to taste the delicate cuisine of the other country they are visiting, but according to Ramona Stumpe, author of The Impact of McDonald’s the fast industries have taken a toll on everyday life.

Destruction of Health

Since the dawn of fast food chains came into our way of lives, its cultivated something that defies boundaries. While some of the boundaries are good, most of them are bad and outweigh the good. Since they have been introduced the health of everyday citizens has been declining and more rapidly over the years with the introduction of different fast food choices. These chains not only dominant the American food consumption but place a heavy toll on the health of foreign countries. In Mexico alone, the obesity rate is now at a 31.8% and going to continue to rise. With all of these health problems associated with obesity, the average cost of health care is going to rise with the rate.

Negative Impact on Culture

The negative impact on these foreign cultures is hard to miss. When one visits a country it is safe to assume those travelers will be indulging in the local cuisine and not diving into a hamburger that is easily comparable to that of a McDonald’s across the ocean.

Great Pyramids of Giza now have a pizza hut next to them

Local eatieries face financial issues due to fast food chains bringing in people

Animal Cruetly needed to Produce vast amounts of meat.

The manipulation needed to produce enough meat to feed those worldwide that consume fast food.

Working Hypothesis 1

American Culture has pushed its way into foreign countries way too hard. The negative impact is affecting their health, culture, and the way they farm their animals.

Working Hypothesis 2

While the American Culture is always something that should be studied and understood for the great things it has produced, there are some things that are overbearing on foreign countries, such as the decline of health, the negative impact on their culture, and the way aniamals are now being raised in order to suffice enough meat.

Topics for smaller paper

Understanding American Culture

Looking into how the typical American lives their life and their customs

How Fast Food chains swept the world

Understanding the history of these giant chains and how they rose to power and populated the world

Current State

Currently I am okay with how everything is going. I feel very passionate about what I am writing about and while it may seem bias or strongly opinionated I will have to find support strong enough to back me up in this counter intuitive paper.

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