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Injured Plaintiffs

In Chris Arnold’s “Advocates Urge Lawmakers To Make Table Saws Safer”, Arnold quoted a former carpenter, Adam Thull after a tragic injury, “Now we are on food stamps, medical assistance, energy assistance,” he says. “I want to call it a living nightmare.”


1.After Adam Thull experienced an accident from his table saw his whole life changed because now him and his family are dependent on food stamps, medical assistance, and energy assistance.

2. The change in his life is a nightmare to him.


The type of claim that is being made is a categorical claim because it is listing what Adam is going through after his accident.


I think that this is very persuasive to let the readers know what Adam is going through. Adam used to be a successful small business owner and to call it a living nightmare does support the article, which the article’s purpose is to inform people why people want the SawStop to be made mandatory.


Although the SawStop could prevent many injuries, there are other factors to consider if SawStop was made mandatory. If this invention was made mandatory, then there would be a possibility for lawsuits to be made by injured victims towards business for not having the SawStop, which is not fair because the SawStop was just introduced.

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