E07: Safer Saws- Haveanelephantasticday

1A: “I am making table saws safer, they are an incredibly dangerous machine”

1B: Gass says that table saws are very dangerous and they need to be safer for users.

1C: This claims sounds factual but he doesn’t provide tell us why they are dangerous and how much safer they will be.

1D: What makes this an incredibility dangerous machine? Ar the injures the fault of the machine or user error? Was the user not paying attention?

2A: “My fingers are valuable, all the finger in my shop are valuable. We’re taking about minimum wage employees that go out drinking all night then come to work and are bent over a table saw all day.”

2B: The saw stop can prevent them from cutting fingers off. They go out drinking the night before work so they are more likely prone to injury.


7A: “Table aw send upwards of 40,000 people to the hospital each year. More than 3,000 people get amputations.”

7B: 40,000+ people suffer from table saw injuries and 3,000 need amputations.

7C: This is a factual claim that identifies the yearly amount of saw related injuries.

7D: The claims says that the table saw send upward of 40,000 people to the hospital. That means that it could be more than 40,000 or less than 40,000. These injuries could also be minor and unrelated to blade. They could be kickback injuries or accidents while the machine is off.  3,000 amputations could’ve been from prior injures aggravated by the new accident. It also says more than 3,000 people, that could mean 3,001.

7E: Many of these injuries could be from user error and many of these injuries could’ve been minor scratches.

8A: A reporter stated “A lot of people get hurt by table saws” and “saw stop is able to stop a blade as soon as it comes in contact with human flesh.”

8B: The claims just states that saws cause many injuries and that the saw stop can stop at human contact.

8C: This claims sounds like a factual claim but doesn’t supply any evidence.

8D:This claim is vague because we don’t know how many people are hurt by table saws, how many does the reporter consider a lot? Is two a lot for the reporter? 200? 2,000?

8E: Again, how many people is a lot in the eyes of the reporter. Is saw stop going to stop if someones shirt gets sucked in?

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