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a. “Wec says his permanent and “traumatic injury” could have been prevented if Bosch and its competitors had not rejected and fought against the safety technology.”

b. Paraphrase: Injuries can be prevented if people stop fighting against safety technology.

Claim: Wec has a permanent injury.

Claim: Bosch and others rejected and fought against safety technology.


d.  This claim is somewhat unreasonable, having a safer saw is not the only way that the Wec’s injury could have been prevented. Wec could have been more careful, but if his saw was safer his injury could have not happened. His claim is not 100% true about how his injury could have been prevented.

e. Wec should hold full responsibility for his saw injury, not the company. If he stayed careful he wouldn’t have got hurt.


a. “The plaintiff is demanding more than $30,000 from Bosch for negligence, breach of warranty, and product liability. ”

b. Claim: His injures  from the saw are worth more than $30,000.

His injury is worth a lot of money due to Bosch table saw.

claim: Bosch neglects costumers.

The person’s injury is due to the fact that Bosch neglects their customers.

claim: There is a breach of warranty.

Claim: Bosch has product liability.


d. This claim can be supportive, the injured person most likely had hospital bills, loss of work time and other expenses. However, the claim didn’t describe why the plaintiff is demanding so much money from the company. The claim is not persuasive, there is no information regarding how Bosch neglected the customer.

e. Injuries that are caused by the person using them are not the companies fault.

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3 Responses to Safer Saws – marinebio18

  1. marinebio18 says:

    feedback requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    —The claim is clearly Causal, marinebio. “Injury could have been prevented” means injury occurred BECAUSE something (in this case Bosch’s rejection of the safety device) did not occur.
    —Your logic is a little fuzzy. You’re correct that other occurrences could have prevented Wec’s injury. He might have been more careful, he might have decided to use a different tool, the lumber might not have slipped, etc. But Wec didn’t (and doesn’t have to) claim that Bosch’s rejection was THE ONLY reason he was injured. I can prevail in a case by blaming the driver who blindsides and nearly kills me even if the wet pavement and the screaming kid in the other driver’s car contribute to the accident.
    —I don’t like Wec’s lawsuit either, but for a different reason. He could have and should have bought a SafeSaw from Steve Gass if he wanted a safer saw.

    This is another causative claim. Three actions by Bosch have met the criteria for damage claims. Rephrased: Bosch’s obligation to Mr. Wec is caused by its negligence, breach of warranty, and product liability.
    —You’ve misunderstood the assignment in one important detail. Claims can stand alone from their evidence. Entire arguments must be persuasive, but the hundreds of individual claims that comprise the argument just have to be plausible on their own terms. (I don’t have to prove that my great-great-great grandmother is too old for bungee jumping. If we accept that she’s my great-great-great grandmother, we don’t need to see her birth certificate.)
    —The “lack of information” about the injury cuts both ways, marinebio. The source we read didn’t provide evidence that Wec caused the accident, but neither did it prove that Bosch was responsible for its saw’s malfunction. We don’t know which is true from the information we’ve seen.

    Does this help to understand claims and proof?
    Reply, please.


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