brxttyb- Safer Saws

4. Consumer Safety Advocates

4A: “For the past 50 years, the only safety technology on table saws was the blade guard. The blade guard is often removed because it is inconvenient for many types of cuts. Two thirds of table saw injuries reported were without a blade guard.”

This claim is stating that since the safety guard was the only safety technology in 50 years, and 2/3 of injuries that occur were because a safe guard was taken off, the safety guard should be kept on, or you should definitely have something else on there to replace the lack of a safety guard. The quote says it is inconvenient for the cut, so they are often removed. This further proves that the Saw Stop and similar devices are necessary.

5. Injured Plaintiffs

5A. “Now we are on food stamps, medical assistance, energy assistance. I want to call it a living nightmare.” -Adam Thull, a professional carpenter who is out of work because of a table saw accident.

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