Visual Rewrite—cswilliams

0:01- A young Caucasian man dressed handsomely. It seems to be night time out, but late is it. He is walking through a city with a bar sign in the background. He must of came from the bar, it can be assumed that he is intoxicated.

0:02-0:03- The scene has now changed to a rooftop for a car parking lot. There is only one car in the parking lot. The man seems to be walking towards it, so it is probably his car. There is also no else on the rooftop but his car so it must be a late night. He is also stumbling, so this confirms that he is intoxicated.

0:04- The scene now shows a close up of the person’s face, so we knows what he looks like. He indeed in fact is a young male probably in his early to mid 20’s. He seems to be looking at something too as he sees to be tilting his head to his right. Someone could possibly be talking to him.

0:05- The scene now has changed back to the rooftop. Everything seems to be same except for the fact that there is another person on the rooftop. This is the person that the young man was probably looking at in the previous sequence.

0:06-0:07- The person now that the guy was looking appears to be a cop in uniform. The cop appears to be saying something to young man. The police also has a set of keys within his hand. Since there is only one car on the roof, it probably is the keys to the car on the roof. Since he is a cop, its probably not his car. It must be the man’s car. The cop is holding his keys because he is intoxicated. The cop would probably arrest him for driving intoxicated.

0:08-0:10- Another person has appeared on the roof . He seems to be wearing a suit and tie. He is also holding out his hand getting ready to catch. This could be the keys that cop had earlier. He could be a lawyer or a car issuance agent. He is also talking to the young man, probably to explain the consequences of driving drunk.

0:11-0:14- The scene goes back to the roof except now there is a another person on the roof. So now there is a total of four people on the roof. There is also now a tow-truck on the rooftop in the parking lot. The fourth person on the roof appears to be wearing a tow-truck uniform. The tow truck in the background is most likely his. He also appears to be holding the keys that that both the cop and man in suit had before. The tow truck driving is probably explaining that the young man’s car will get towed if drives drunk.

0:15-0:16- There is now a woman in a suit on the roof. She has appeared to have caught the keys that the other people have had. The young man appears to have following the movement of his keys while the other people were throwing them to each other. The woman is speaking the young man probably explaining to the man on he has to pay to get his car back from being towed.

0:17-0:19- There is now another man on the roof. He is also wearing a suit and has a brief case. He is holding his hand out receiving keys, so the woman before must have thrown the keys to him. The man in the suit is an African-American male that looks to be in his late thirty’s to early forty’s. He is also talking; probably explaining to the young man on how he has to fight a case in court and that he’ll have to pay a fine in court. So this is the lawyer in the situation and not the first guy in the suit.

0:20-0:23- The shot goes back to the roof as everyone who was previously shown is now on the roof circling around the young man. The young man know has the keys in his hands after it was tossed around a few times with between the other people that were previously shown. This visual image shows a process of what happens if the man gets caught drunk driving. First he will get arrested by the cop, then he would have to call his car insurance agent to make sure is provided. Next his car will get towed and he could possibly lose his license. After that, We will notified of all the laws he as broken and finally he will have to go to court to try to defend or justify his actions.

0:24-0:26- All the people that were previously on the roof before have now disappeared except for the young man that we was in middle of the circle. It is possible that these people weren’t real and were imaginary. The young man still has the keys in his hand. – The young man is now turning around in circles. He is probably wondering where the all of the people went. They were all probably in his imagination or consensus to explain the whole process he has to go through if he gets caught for drunk driving.

0:27-0:30- The screen now appears black with the words “busted”, “broke” and “Buzzed driving is drunk driving” on it written in white letters, with cop lights in the background. We can conclude that this ad is campaign against drunk driving. This tells that person’s life could be ruined if they got caught for drunk driving. The screen goes completely black. This sets a serious tone on the ad. The company who made this ad probably wanted to get their point across.


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