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Teach Your Kids How to Deal with Bullying


In the introduction there is a text that states that the footage is real and that it is courtesy of the Bully Project, which makes feel negative about the video because it is most likely a recorded video of a poor vulnerable child being picked on by bigger kids.


There’s a bunch of middle schoolers in a school bus. Majority of these students in the bus are white boys with different shades of brown hair and they are either facing upfront or turned to the side to talk to their classmates.  However, one of the boys wearing a sweater with one horizontal stripe is hanging off of his seat and is in the middle of the aisle. His hands are holding onto the dark gray bus seats around him for support. A boy sitting to the right of him is on the edge of his seat, pushing sweater boy off. In the background, which is the front of the bus, you can see the bus driver’s face in the reflection of the long mirror above  her. She is using the mirror to look behind her and her eyes are towards the right, where the boys are to see what’s happening.


The boy with the sweater moves up and then back onto his seat on the right, though he is still at the edge of the seat with one hand holding onto the seat in front of him. The bus driver is still watching through the mirror probably because there is a lot of noise or she sees that the boy is being mistreated. But now a tan girl who is sitting in front of the boys turns her head around and looks angry. Her eyes are directed to sweater boy and she looks like she is about to confront the sweater boy.


The girl is now talking to sweater boy with her mouth wide open, she must have been yelling at him really loud because now the bus driver is no longer looking through the mirror but in the reflection you see her turning around to watch. There is a thick white boy sitting on the bus seat behind sweater boy with a black cap on and he swings his arm at sweater boy. His fist hits sweater boy. A student, also a white boy with brown hair sitting in the first row  behind the bus driver looks back what is going on in sweater boy’s area.


After the fist hits the sweater boy. The girl who was yelling shuts her mouth and raises her eyebrows as if he deserved it. Her eyes look into the camera and as a result she is fixing her hair, sweeping it to the side. The sweater boy turns around to look at the boy who hit him, revealing his face. He looks like a frail boy with nerdy glasses. His facial expression is not furious but a bit surprised. His mouth is open like he has no words to respond to being randomly hit from behind. I can tell he does not want any trouble and is the passive type. Another kid, who is asian, sitting on the second row turns around with a surprised expression to look at the sweater boy, indicating that there was probably a large sound when sweater boy got hit. You can see the bus driver’s face clearly now as she turned around to watch the whole thing. Since the bus driver is not physically turning back, we can conclude that she is not driven at the moment. Another indication is when I observed the windows, it does not seem to be moving either.


Now the bus driver, the tan girl, the boy in the same seat as sweater boy, and the asian kid are all looking backwards towards the thick kid with the black cap. He is probably talking, and has his arm stretched out, pointing to the bottom left corner of the screen. The thick kid basically hit sweater boy and is commanding sweater boy to move to where he is pointing. All the other students surrounding sweater boy is still looking upfront or talking to their friends.


Sweater boy listens to the kid with the black cap and gets off of his seat. He then moves to where the kid was pointing and is out of the frame.


The frame changes and captures bystanders, in different areas of the bus. In this case, it is somewhere in the front seats. A girl with blonde short curly hair is looking back with her mouth slightly opened, like she is surprised. I know she is looking at all the commotion. Another blonde girl sitting next to her with straight hair is also looking at that direction because I see the back of her head.


The camera shifts back to sweater boy. He is sitting in his new seat, facing to the front, minding his own business when suddenly another thick white kid sitting in the seat behind him reaches to sweat boy’s neck grabs it, probably as an opportunity. Sweater boy’s hands is grabbing the hands and you can see his head moving in a side to side motion, showing that he is being choked. There is a kid sitting next to sweater boy near the window that appears int he frame and he is just facing front and is doing nothing.


The frame switches to another kid from the front with brown curly hair,  looking back but half of his face is hidden behind the seat. He is looks very small, innocent, and scared. He’s not big enough to speak out against the bigger boys bullying sweater boy.


The frame changes to a kid in the every backseat near the emergency exit. He is standing up looking forwards fidgeting with his hands, probably looking at his classmate being strangled. His eyes are a bit wide and his fidgeting hands makes him appear nervous or concerned. He then looks down at his hands, like he is a bit sad that he cannot stand up and help sweater boy.


The camera catches more faces of the students in the bus near the back. There are two guys whose eyes is looking forward, slightly to the right. It is implying that they are looking at sweater boy who is located near the middle of the bus. They look concerned with their mouth slightly parted but they are staring blankly like they have no idea how to help sweather boy.

The purpose of the video is to expose to parents and students what happens when one student is being targeted by bigger kids. The video showed that other students are watching; however,  they stare blankly and cant’ find the courage to stand up against the bullies. The video clearly captures the fear, the unsureness in the kids when they see bullying take place. I think the video is targetted at the parents because in the end of the video, there are texts that says “Teach Your Kids How to Deal with Bullying.” I think the parents would feel the need to encourage their kids to speak out more. Additionally, the video could  target students as well, making them feel compassion for the victim and bullying and sense that being a bystander is looked down upon; therefore, feeling encouraged to stand up next time.


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