Visual Rewrite – xChuki


Video starts with white and grey words”What you see is real. Footage courtesy of the Bully Project” on the grey background. At the very beginning viewer is being told what he should concentrate his attention on – the bullying. However, it’s not possible yet to guess what kind of bullying it’s going to be about.


The situation is taking place on a school bus full of kids, around 12 years old. It looks just like a normal morning way to the school with students and some teachers on the bus. Kids are talking to each other, female teacher is trying to calm them down. One of the nerdy looking boys is getting pushed from his seat by another boy sitting right next to him. Nobody really seems to care about the situation.


The chubby guy with a hat on from the back seat joins the bully and hits with a force the victim on his back. Poor boy turns around, he looks disgruntled and abused, but he doesn’t say anything. Boy sitting on the left keeps starring at his phone, teacher doesn’t see, or pretends not to see that something wrong is happening, even though she’s looking pretty much that direction.


After hitting harmless kid, bully commands him to move and change his seat. He’s pointing on the seat and the boy submissively takes another seat, the one where he’s been told to go and stays quiet. Some kids are watching what’s happening with curiosity, others don’t even bother to look that direction and keep doing their own things.


For few moments camera is showing two blond girls, sitting on the same bus. The shot isn’t showing the fight, but it’s clear that girls are watching guys bullying their peer.  You can see just face of one of the girl and she looks entertained.  It seems like she can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.


Camera shows the boys again. The victim is sitting on the new spot, but other kids keep bullying him: some boy starts smothering him from the back and the student sitting right next to the helpless kid doesn’t do anything to stop it.


For the new few seconds camera switches some shots, showing reaction of different kids sitting on that bus and being witnesses of the situation. Most of children look worried and unsure how to react. They seem to be either too scared or just don’t care enough about the situation to say something back to bullies.


Video ends with the same grey screen. The inscription says “Teach your kids how to be more than a bystander”.

Adding sound to the video doesn’t make a big difference for this video, because pictures speak for themselves. You can notice that kids not just physically hurt their victim, but they also verbally abuse him.

The purpose of this video is to prevent bullying among children and teenagers, teach kids that ignoring the situation doesn’t mean you’re not participating in the bullying. Sometimes not saying anything and watching is worse than doing something bad.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    xChuki, I have posted this item to the two appropriate categories (A05: Visual Rewrite) (xchuki). Most of your posts are showing up in the “I Forgot to Categorize!” category. Please ask for help with this in the lab tomorrow. You don’t get credit for your timely work if I can’t find it.


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