Visual Rewrite – americangods01


The scene opens with a tight shot of several pictures in assorted picture frames. In each of these pictures is a smiling young boy and one picture is a happy couple being wed. It can be assumed that the couple are the parents of the boy. The pictures are dimly lit which gives a foreboding feeling and contrasts the happy family in the pictures.


As the camera move across the pictures, the house of this family comes into focus. The only lit area is part of a staircase from a source of light coming from another room. There is a shadow that moves across the light. The darkness and the shadow enhances the ominous feeling of the shot.


The camera continues to move across the room revealing a little boy, most likely the little boy in the pictures from the opening of the video, sitting atop the stairs in the light. He is in his pajamas and has a toy in his hands. Given the lighting and his clothes, we can assume he is either supposed to be asleep or has woken up from something. He is sitting directly in the light that is coming from the other room so he has a clear view of what is happening there. We can only assume that he was looking for his parents after not being able to sleep and found them. Nothing on his face shows that he is happy to see what he is seeing, even playing with his toy does not make him smile.


The shot changes to behind the child on the stairs and his stare does not break from what is happening in the other room. A shadow is again seen being cast from someone in the other room. The person casting the shadow is moving his/her body and his/her arm. This may mean there is some kind of physical dispute going on in the other were and the boy is witnessing all of it. The mood is very tense.


The shot is now tight on the child’s face. He is intently watching what is happening in the other room, eyes darting back and forth, probably focusing on each parent. He then looks away from the scene and down at his toy, his face still full of concern. He might be looking away and focusing on his toy to distract himself or try to pretend the scene in the other room is not happening. Having the boy look away sets up for a more suprising and dramatic reaction for what is to come next.


He is startled by something, probably a loud noise, and returns his gaze to the other room, this time with a very concerned and scared look on his face. His eyes widened, his mouth opens slightly and his breathing has increased. Looking at his eyes, you see them dart quickly between two points of focus most likely each of his parents. His eyes move from a high to low position twice. One of the parents is probably on the ground. It can only be assumed that one parent has struck the other in an act of domestic violence. The boy is in awe trying to understand why one of his parents has hit the other.struck the other in an act of violence. The boy is in awe trying to understand why one of his parents has hit the other.


The shot fades with the boy still looking at his parents to a black screen with the question “Children have to sit by and watch. What’s your excuse?” The intended audience of this statement is anyone who may have witnessed acts of domestic violence as well as informing everyone else that there are actions to take when domestic has been witnessed. Someone walking by the house could have seen the act through a window but most likely done nothing about it. There is not excuse for that.

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