Visual Rewrite—jcirrs


A girl with red hair appears to be in the bathroom facing a mirror. The faucet is running and it seems she is putting water on her face to wash her face or clean off the tears.


The camera flips to a different scene of a black boy in his teenage years, average dressed, that looks like he is studying for school. It looks like he lives in a nice home. He and the red haired girl must have something in common.


Now they are showing another kid, again in his teenage years, who is taking pills from a prescription bottle. He looks like a muscular kid who is wearing a varsity jacket so we know he plays a sport.


The video goes back to the girl with red hair. She also looks like she is in her teenage years, and appears she is carelessly tossing pills into her throat.


The video now goes back to the black kid who is also taking pills. Can all these 3 people who are taking pills be going through a rough phase in their life that explains why they are using drugs? Perhaps they are abusing these drugs. Do they really need it or get prescribed it?


The video switches back to the big kid wearing the varsity jacket, a girl with blonde hair, and another two kids that are in their teenage years as and it looks like they are talking to each other in a classroom. The girl with blonde hair is starring at the kid with that varsity jacket. He is holding a bottle of pills.


The camera zooms in on the girls face as maybe she has a crush on the boy or that she just wants the pills.


The video switches to a different classroom where the black kid and the girl with blonde hair are together in the same room. The black boy has his books in front him on his desk where you can see a perception bottle with pills underneath his books, possibly to keep his drug use a secret. The boy is looking at his side for some reason. The girl appears to just be sitting doing her work on her desk.


The boy looks over to his other side while he grabs his bottle of pills underneath his books.


The camera again zooms in on the girl starring at the black kid while she is taking off one of her earphone plug. We now know these 3 kids go to the same school.


The camera zooms out. The boy is taking pills in the classroom while the girl is starring at him. This girl seems to want the pills and may also have a drug related problem, just as the boy might.


The video switches to what it looks like to be outside the high school where the girl with blonde hair is standing on her phone and the redhead girl accidently bumps into her and you can see a bottle of pills that comes flying out of the redhead’s jacket.


The girl with the blonde hair picks up the bottle and looks as she is happy about having the bottle of pills in her possession. It is illegal to take or use prescription pills that aren’t prescribed to you.


The girl slips the bottle in her jacket and looks like she has sort of a happy, evil smirk on her face. This isn’t a good look; she obviously looks like she is going to take the pills or possibly sell them, which is also illegal.


The video switches to an outdoor burial with a group of teenage kids surrounding a coffin. You can see a picture frame on the coffin but the camera is not close enough to see who is in the picture. Can the person who died be the girl who picked up those pills that didn’t belong to her?


The camera zooms in on the black kid, the kid who was wearing the varsity jacket, and the redhead. All three kids are standing next to each other. Is it maybe because they are friends or just all have all the same drug addiction problem? We don’t see the girl with blonde hair, is it maybe that she is in the coffin?


The video ends off by zooming on the picture frame on the coffin. The picture is the girl with the blonde hair; her drug abuse leads to her death. This video is for prescription drug abuse awareness. If you have a drug problem please don’t let it take over your life, talk to someone and find help.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite—jcirrs

  1. jcirrs says:

    feedback was requested.

    Feedback provided.


  2. davidbdale says:

    I see you clarified which girl was which and which one died, jcirrs.

    Don’t forget to move this item into your Portfolio. It’s one of the six required posts. The deadline to complete the Portfolio was FRI DEC 04.


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