Visual ReWrite – thirdlady226

Part of the Family

You’re the Best Thing to Happen

0:01 – We see an orange cat sitting on a couch. Judging by the couch, the nice pillows, the hardwood floors and the glass doors behind the cat, it seems to be a middle/upper class modern house. We also see a boy – probably around 5 or 6 years old – outside, playing in a sandbox. We don’t see that the child notices the cat or cares that it is inside the house. It is unlikely that the child doesn’t know the cat there; the cat has a collar and seems to belong. The boy is probably just so used to the cat being around that he doesn’t pay special attention anymore.

0:05 – We get a close-up of the cat, and he moves. We see him lick his lips; perhaps he has just eaten? Maybe he’s tired. But from what we’ve seen so far, the cat looks content with his surroundings. He is allowed on the couch; so we can infer that the cat is welcome in the home. He doesn’t seem jumpy or startled, just very relaxed.

o:09 – We get a close-up of the boy, playing outside in the sandbox. He seems quite content there. The sun is shining, he’s wearing comfortable clothes. It is most likely his house as he is alone and seems familiar with the surroundings. We see him smile slightly every once in a while, and it also looks as if he may be whistling. He is quite clearly enjoying himself and having fun building the sand sculpture.

0:11 – We see another close-up of the cat, this time he is looking outside at the child. He is staring as though he knows the child, another indication that he is welcome in/comfortable with the home. The cat’s tail is wagging, and he looks comfortable on the couch as he looks around.

0:17 – We see the child stand up in the sandbox, and he begins to stomp around. He crushes the structure he had been making previously, he seems to be enjoying himself. The cat is not fazed by this; instead, he lays his head on the arm of the couch and continues to watch.

0:25 – We see the words “A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet” appear on the screen. This ad is to promote the adoption of shelter animals, who have often been abused beforehand and are sick. Putting this at the end of the video proves a very good point though; shelter pets, adopted by the right families, can become very friendly animals with enough love and care.

Upon listening to the track along with the video, we discover that the video is entirely narrated by “the cat.” It is a witty commentary, in which the cat believes the boy is jumping around in a giant litter box. The cat feels bad for the boy, and is almost embarrassed, because he thinks the boy isn’t used to the “litter box” and needs help learning what to do. Another indication that the cat is happy in the home, as he feels comfortable looking out over the child and feeling some sense of authority.

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