Visual Rewrite – gemfhi

0:01 second into this PSA


The background is white with a slight vignette. There are two wine glasses in frame they are being held by 2 individual hands and they are held parallel/facing each other, symmetrically across the left and right of the frame. It is as if these hands are moving in for a toast however these wine glasses proceed to inch closer to each other unusually slowly.

Most likely, due to this being a PSA, this ad is going to be about drinking responsibly.



The toast has been achieved; perhaps with too much enthusiasm, for the wine glasses have become destroyed upon impact. Glass has fragmented violently. Drinking can be destructive.



The Wine Glasses have been rendered completely destroyed. The manner in which the wine glasses moved was ominously without hesitation. There was nothing holding back these glasses from destroying each other and after it happens the hands just back away towards their side of the frame again without hesitation. Almost mechanically. Coldly.

Wine has been splattered helplessly due to its container being smashed into fragments. This is the death for the wine as it spills helplessly out of frame.



The next image is of glasses of beer, being held by their handles, starting in the same exact position as the wine glasses. They are also moving similarly, unusually, coldly, slowly, towards each other. Will they perform differently?



…No they do not.

0: 18


The Beer glasses, as well, have been completely destroyed in the exact same fashion. The hands retreat back to their appropriate side of the frame still holding the former handles to their former mugs. This goes to show that not only wine glasses can be destroyed but beer glasses also. The contents of the glasses just like before have been spilled about with no way to contain them.

So, now it has been shown that no matter the type of glass, or contents within the glass, they will all be destroyed the same way.



The next image is the exact same starting image as the wine and beer except this time it appears to be simple whisky glasses; which seem to contain whisky on the rocks. They are being gently gripped by the hands in a usual glass holding fashion.

The commercial has shown that wine and beer become destroyed upon impact of the toast. If the whisky glasses do not explode this commercial will obviously be promoting whisky. However, this is a PSA, so most likely it is not trying to advertise whisky. Therefore; most likely, these glasses will explode upon impact as well.



Surprisingly, a third hand has come into the mix. It reaches up and out from the bottom/middle of the frame to catch the glass of whiskey that was coming from the left of the frame. It also cushions the impact of the glass that was coming from the right, by placing itself between the two glasses.

This shows that a third party can put a stop to these “crashes”. Crashes may be too accurate of a word here. This PSA is most likely about drinking and driving.

Therefore this third hand must represent someone of non alcoholic influence since it is not holding a glass of its own. This hand has put a stop to the crash showing that these crashes can be prevented if one simply isn’t being influenced by alcohol.



There you have it. The words “Drinking and driving can kill a friendship” have now shown up right above the halted glasses of whisky. Perhaps this sober hand represents an innocent friend getting caught between the recklessness of the opposing inebriated drivers and not just someone putting a stop to the wreckage.

This PSA shows through it’s multiple types of beverages and glasses. That any type of person in any type of vehicle, if under influence, can get destroyed. The only common factor is the alcohol. Omit alcohol and that creates more sober hands which can save more drunken people from crashing.

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