Visual Rewrite – marinebio18


A not too old, black car drives down what it looks to be a quiet and well off neighborhood.  The car seems to be going speed limit down the street.The driver is not shown in the shot as the car drives. The viewers are watching the scene from an outside point of view.


A young blonde girl, maybe a junior or senior in high school is driving the car. She seems attentive and is paying attention to the road ahead of her. The girl is in a seat belt. She has both hands on the wheel tapping her thumbs. It can be assumed that she knows how to drive well. It seems that the viewers are viewing inside the same car that was shown previously.


In the next second after the girl is shown, there is a screen that is showing a new text message. It seems as if the viewers are seeing the from the girls point of view. The shot is specifically focused on the fact that the girl got a text message. Based that the cell phone is facing front, it can be assumed she had her phone sitting somewhere where she could see the screen.  The screen is extremely zoomed in to the screen of the phone.


The blonde girl driving is now looking down, her eyes not on the road. She is most likely looking at the phone somewhere nearby in the car. She looks as if she is contemplating on whether to look at the phone or not. The view is from the inside of the car.


The girl then looks back up to the road as she continues to drive forward for a few seconds, ignoring the fact that she has a message on her cell phone.


The young girl is now reaching for the phone, it appears to be in a cup holder. The focus of the shot is on the cell phone and not the girl. It seems as if the cell phone is empowering everything that is happening. It is now shown that the girl had put her phone in a place that she could see while driving.


The girl is now smiling and looking down. Her eyes are not on the road anymore. Her mind seems to be captured by the looking and replying of the text message shown at the beginning. The car is still in motion going down the street.


The screen goes black.


The screen flashes back an we see the cell phone from the girls point of view. The cell phone is in her hand and the image is not focused.


The screen not focused, it seems blurry. The girl has the cell phone in her hand, it is on and there is a keyboard showing. It seems as if the picture is in motion. The screen flash back and forth from black to showing the girl typing on her phone. The focus of the shot is on an intersection, it seems as if the viewers are seeing the intersection from the inside of the car. This intersection during this moment does not have any cars. There is a stop sign.


The view is now from an outsider’s perspective. Now at the intersection has the girls car and another new car. The cars are not too far apart from one another. The car that the girl is driving is over the white line where the stop sign is.  Within another second the cars look like they can easily crash into each other.


The girls head is tilted up as she sees what is happening in front of her. Her eyes appear to almost be closed as she screams.

0:22 The screen reads in “Stop the texts Stop the Wrecks” in all caps. The girl in the video must have crashed into the car in the intersection because she was distracted by a text message.

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