Visual Rewrite- HaveAnElephantasticDay


  • 0:01 There are two hands along the outskirts of the screen. I am not able to tell if they are male or female hands but they are both are holding wine glasses. They are very full of what appears to be wine.
  • 0:03 The hands are coming together in slow motion from opposite sides of the screen, possibly for a cheers. Presumably a momentous occasion that inspired a celebration? Why are they coming together slowly? Maybe to exaggerate the occasion and enhance the effect of the cheers.
  • 0:06 The glasses are clinking for their cheers.
  • 0:07 The glasses came together for a cheers but when they touched, they shattered. There are pieces of glass flying all over. There is also wine everywhere. The whole scene is just one big mess. It is hard to tell why they crashed because they seemed to be coming at each other slowly. DO the glasses represent cars crashing after alcohol consumption?
  • 0:15 Now two glass mugs full of beer are coming together for “cheers”. The mugs have a logo on them that appears to be a University logo. It appears to be the same set of hands as before. These glasses are also coming in at slow motion. Are they being clinked with the same force as the first set of glasses? Did they not learn their lesson the first time?

  • 0:16 When these mugs clink, they also shatter everywhere. Indicating that another set of cars have crashed due to alcohol consumption.

  • 0:22  A third set of glasses, full of whiskey coming in the cheers again. Still appears to be the same hands. Will the people monitor their cheers so that a shattering of glasses may be avoided? So the accident may be avoided?

  • 0:23 A hand appears and intercepts the collision of the two glasses. Someone stepped in so the another accident does not occur. Is that the hand of a police officer? Did law enforcement have to step in? On the top of the screen, the words “Drinking and driving can kill a friendship” appear. We realize that the accidents that already occurred had been deadly. The glasses represent car collisions that could happen if drinking continues.

  • 0:28 The glasses do not collide and there is no shattered glass. That means they avoided the crash and the mess that goes along with it. It was very effective in demonstrating how detrimental drinking and driving could be.

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