For my research topic, I will be covering slut shaming and how we as a society subconsciously contribute to it. We as a society value and reward boys, while punishing girls for doing the same exact thing. This issue is getting more spotlight recently, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening.

I want to speak on how everyday phrases, simple rules in public schools, and things embedded in children’s brain from a young age contribute to this problem. Slut shaming happens everyday and people don’t even give it a second thought. We as a society are constantly telling girls they are inferior to boys subliminally.

Background: this article breaks down “slut shaming” and how it ties into rape culture. It also describes how problematic the word “slut” is and how detrimental it can be to a girl on the receiving end of it.

How I plan to use it: I plan to use this article to demonstrate how simple words can break a girl, and how girls are ultimately pitting themselves against each other with the word “slut” and how this contributes to rape culture.

Background: This article discusses from a parent’s point of view, how we over sexualize girls from a young age. It discusses how we as a society equate “sexy” or “short” clothing with promiscuity.

How I plan to use it: I plan to use this article to show how slut shaming develops from the home first. How mother’s don’t want their young daughters looking “slutty” before they have even reached puberty and how that perpetuates the cycle of slut shaming when they grow and mature.

Background: This article discusses how demeaning school dress code is, and how it is directed towards girls and not boys. It discusses how the most common line for girls being pulled out of class for sub-par attire is because they are a “distraction” to male students.

How I plan to use it: I plan to use this as an example of how we value boys in society over girls. Girls wearing tank tops and shorts are a distraction to a boy’s education further indicating that a boy’s educatiion is valued more in a public school system.

Background: This article discusses how women view sexuality negatively in other women, yet men view sexuality positively in other men, but also negatively in women. It basically says men do not “slut shame” each other, but both men and women slut shame women.

How I plan to use it: I plan to use this to demonstrate how we can end slut shaming but it will start with women. Women call each other sluts, and that makes it okay for men to degrade women too. It just further perpetuates the double standard that men get rewarded for having sex but women get negatively labeled.

Background: This short article just explained the brief definition and effects of the sexual double standard. Men are praised for being promiscuous while women are shamed.

How I plan to use it: I plan to use this to demonstrate the core of slut shaming and where it stems from psychologically in men and women.

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  1. brxttyb says:

    The double standard seems to have been around for forever. Boys can do things that girls can’t do, and that’s because boys are boys and girls are girls. This mind set ranges in privileges from wages to sexual activity. It seems counterintuitive that still in this day in age that girls are shamed for things boys are rewarded and praised for. It is because our society, some cultures more than others, constantly remind women that they are inferior to men.

    When you google search the definition of the word “slut” the first two definitions that pop up without having to click on a link are, “a woman that has many casual sexual partners” and “a woman with low standards of cleanliness”. Notice this derogatory term exclusively pertains to women. There is no word in the dictionary pertaining to men who sleep around, so why is there one for women? The reason women are shamed for having sex and men are not, is because we as a society have the absurd belief that women have to be virginal in order to be desired and if they are not, they are thought to be of low class while this standard does not pertain to men in the slightest.


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