Proposal +5—bj112295

Do you prefer the natural hairstyle look or the non-natural look? For my research topic I will be analyzing the argument that has been going on for decades in the African american community. The argument of wearing natural hair sticking with your roots, or going with European standards, and trying to make yourself beautiful by relaxing your hair with chemicals, or wearing weaves or sew ins that damages your hair in the long run. You rather just fit into society.

Hair typing is a necessary movement in the African american community because it helps women learn and educate themselves on the various aspects of the argument. African american men have a role in this movement too, whether they prefer natural or non-natural. This natural hair movement has a lot to do with self acceptance, freedom, health, and spiritual growth. It seems counter intuitive that there is division between the women in the race when they had to fight so long to be free and together as one, then after being freed from slavery had to fight for women rights together. Now there is a division because of how your hair is worn.

Background: This Article really dives into the reasons unto the basis of the argument of the history of the argument, and what natural hair is, explains the division in the naturalist community as well.

How I intend to use it: Using this article as my beginning statement, it shows the argument I want to express in my research from the roots unto why this division started, and both sides of the argument, even divisions with both communities. How some do the natural look for self acceptance, and others do the non-natural for others acceptance.

Background: In this article, the issue is what do black men prefer? The author use Facebook and twitter posts to back the argument. A lot of men prefer natural, a lot of men don’t, a lot could care less.

How I intend to use it: I am using this article because it shows that both genders are involved in this argument not just women. It really shows the African american male preference and their thoughts on the subject. Seeing the male side of the argument really provides me with more basis unto my topic.

Background: This essay really talks about both communities defenses. In each defense it is explained why each side chooses how to wear their hair and the emotional background that goes with their choosing.

How I intend to use it: I plan to use this essay by taking what is said in both sides of the defense and explaining how each side really has a lot to do with emotion and self-awareness, when they choose the hair style to wear.

Background: This short clip explains again on the preference of men, Wendy Williams herself is a weave wearer and tells her audience member if you buy it who cares what your man thinks.

How I intend to use this: This clip I can use to show that the non-naturalists sometimes have issues with wanting to be natural, but prefer the non-natural because it is less maintenance and more versatile.

Background: In this article it goes into why natural isn’t for everyone, and it is a personal journey when going natural and a lot of maintenance.

How I intend to use it: I want to close with this article because I can really close the issue on why both sides natural and non-natural choose to wear each hairstyle.

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2 Responses to Proposal +5—bj112295

  1. davidbdale says:

    Completely in love with this general topic, bj, but I’m unclear what your thesis is. You need to prepare yourself to take a firm and clear stand on the issue.

    Taking another look at what you’ve offered here, bj, I’m concerned that you’ll try to offer a “balanced perspective on the two reactions” to a controversial topic. Nothing could interest me less. I can build those two perspectives myself without any access to the inside angles. What this essay needs from you is a commitment to a particular argument.

    With apologies to the “other side,” you’re either for or you are against process or natural, and your reasons are irrefutable by any sensible person. Stand strong here. Any argument to the contrary is an opportunity to exercise your refutation skills. Don’t accommodate. Take no prisoners. OK?

    Reply, please.


  2. bj112295 says:

    Practice Openings

    – A division resides in the African American community between the women. Naturalist or Non-Naturalist? Many choose to be natural, but also a lot of them choose to be non-natural. My preference is natural because, less damage or no damage happens to your hair. With being a non-naturalist females are damaging their hair, which results in hair thinning, hair loss, discoloration, and many other things. Naturalism in my mind is they way to go, it is a lot of upkeep, but would you rather be bald or have a head full of hair? Many black men or any man that is close friends or married to an African American female prefers natural, yet black women and other races now choose to damage their hair.

    – Naturalist: a women who chooses to wear her hair of the natural state. Non-Naturalist: a women who chooses to wear their hair in weaves and relaxed chemicals, but has the knowledge that they are damaging their hair. A movement is upon the Black Female Community, and it is serious! African American women are having a major debate on whether to wear their hairstyles natural or non-natural, even though the black male gives his opinion on agreeing with mostly natural hair women, some black women choose to keep damaging their hair and in the long run will end up with less hair or being bald. This movement has a lot to do with self acceptance,freedom, and health. Those choosing to go the non-natural root good luck with being bald.


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