E04: Critical Reading, PTSD

Critical Reading:
“Is PTSD Contagious?”

This week, following the model of critical reading I provided in “Kidney Season on Death Row,” I’ll ask you to closely examine the claims made, inferences made, and conclusions drawn by the author of the Mother Jones article, “Is PTSD Contagious?

Time stamps would be welcome if you’re analyzing a video, but you’re not. So, since we’re analyzing a written argument, please provide direct quotations and any help you can offer to guide me to the original claim/s you’re analyzing.

Your personal opinion on the subject PTSD may be fun for me to know (tell me anytime!) but irrelevant to this exercise. Instead, evaluate the quality of the claim/s—their technique, their relevance, their sufficiency, their logic, their reasonableness.


  • A critical reading of as many definition/categorical claims as you can find and analyze in one hour in “Is PTSD Contagious?”
  • Base your analyses on the model I provided in Critical Reading: Death Harvest
  • Give yourself a one-hour time limit to do the assignment.
  • Title your post E04: Critical Reading—Username.
  • Publish your analysis in the E04: Critical Reading category.


  • DUE MIDNIGHT (11:59 PM) THU SEP 24, 2015
  • Non-Portfolio Writing category (25%)

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