PTSD Claims—FatJoe

Section 10

‘“I would be too sad.”’ This is an attributive claim. Since the author is quoting this claim from another person, or attributing a claim to them, it is a attributive claim.

‘“I am now more hypervigilant than my husband.”‘ This is also an attributive claim for the same reasons. But this is also a comparative since Kateri Peterson is comparing her hyper vigilantism to her husbands.

“If it does for 14 seconds, Brannan writes an email to help get whatever someone needs.” This is a quantitative claim and a causal claim. It is quantitative because it gives a numerical fact that after 14 seconds Brannan starts writing emails. This is also why it is a casual claim. If the phone stops ringing for 14 seconds, this causes Brannon to write an email to help whoever needs it.

“Whose veteran son was committed to a non-VA psychiatric.” This is a factual claim. Since it can be proved that the woman’s son was committed to a non-VA psychiatric facility, also because it is indisputable, it becomes a factual claim.

“He, a severe-PTSD sufferer, was already paranoid before one of the other resident loons threatened to kill him.” This is a evaluative claim because it involves the judgment of this psychiatric facility. This could also be a factual claim since it can be proved that he does have severe PTSD.

“He fought for his fucking country.” This is a factual claim because it is true and can be proved that he did fight for this country in some type of way.

“They promised they wouldn’t abandon him.” This is a attributive claim. What makes this a attributive claim is that the author uses the word “they”, indicating that it is not them making the claim, but somebody else instead.

“He swears to God he will have to kill himself if the VA doesn’t put him in with the other soldiers.” Since this quote says “he swears” it is a attributive claim. The author himself is not saying he will have to kill himself, he is repeating what the patient said. If the author didn’t say “swears”, it would not be a attributive claim.

“Where thousands of Family of a Vet users and nearly 500 FOV volunteers congregate and commiserate.” This is a quantitative claim because it gives a statistical fact.

“The general overwhelmingness of her distress, of that awful overstimulating hypervigilance, the sort of thing you develop sometimes when you live with someone who looks out the living room window for danger literally hundreds of times a day, or who goes from room to room, room to room, over and over to make sure everyone in each one is still alive.” This is a causal and categorical claim. It is causal because it gives the causes and the effects of Kateri’s overwhelming distress. This is also categorical because it gives specific examples of what someone can do if they suffer from PTSD.

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1 Response to PTSD Claims—FatJoe

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, overall, FatJoe. There are more claims here than you’re naming, but you can’t catch them all in an hour.



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