Claims- Doglover846

Section 18:

“But here we’ve got lasagna, and salad with an array of dressing choices, and a store-bought frosted Bundt cake with chocolate chips in it!”

This sentence would be Factual Claim, since they are stating the different foods that they got. If they ate the food they would find that there is chocolate chips in the Bundt cake, or they would find a variety of dressings.

“they thought they’d finish it up real nice like they did with another house”

This would be an Analogy Claim. Analogy claims are when you compare two things. In the sentence above they are comparing how nice the house they fixed up to another house.

“Brannan and I make fun of Caleb for being three years older than us, so old, and Caleb makes jokes that it does indeed feel like he and Brannan have been married for-ever.”

The sentence above would be a Quantitative or Numerical Claim. Since they are claiming that he is three years older, as well has Caleb stating that he feels like he’s been married for-ever.

“Caleb is in such a good mood that Brannan asks if he’s up for putting Katie to bed so she can go lie down”

This sentence would be an Evaluative Claim because it involve a judgement between characters. Brennan noticed that Caleb was in a good mood so that’s why she asked him to put Katie down.

“he tells her he’s leaving her.”

This would be a Factual Claim because Caleb is stating a fact saying that he is leaving her.

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1 Response to Claims- Doglover846

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’re not wrong, DogLover, but there’s so much going on in this little section that is Comparative and Evaluative on the Author’s part.

    That little sentence about fixing the house up nice draws the comparison between how they treated the first house and how, now with all their troubles, nobody is in the mood to have a dining room so (Causal and Comparative) they “huddle around the coffee table.”

    That “he tells her he’s leaving her” comes just an inch away from the mood so good he could be asked to “put Katie down,” which shows the wildly Comparative nature of his behavior and their relationship.

    While you need to focus sharply on the little details of every phrase, it’s essential also to keep the bigger picture in mind. All the little claims add up to a bigger argument. Always.

    I hope this qualifies as useful Feedback. Feel free to revise for a Regrade.



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