Claims – Fulcrum66

“She also helps thousands of other people” – This is a numerical claim because the statement uses a number and claims she helps that certain number of people. 

“To help find your way, find the information you need and find a way not only to cope with life after combat…but to survive and thrive.” – This is a recommendation claim because the statement offers various solutions for help and can be directed toward people looking for help. The statement is also a categorical claim because it is a list of what the people who are trying to help have to offer. 

“Caleb was edgy, distant, but he did not forget entire conversations minutes later, did not have to wait for a stable mental-health day and good moment between medication doses to be intimate with his wife, and then when he finally tried, pray to Christ for one of the times when it’s good sex, not one of the times when a car door slams outside and triggers him, or the emotion becomes so unbearable that he freezes, gets up, and walks wordlessly out the door.” – This entire statement is a categorical claim because it lists the symptoms Caleb had after his second  tour.

“All that didn’t happen until after the second tour.”- This would be a comparative claim because they are comparing how the symptoms got worse after the second tour and not the first.

“Brannan was in a terrible place.” – A causal claim is being used here by stating the circumstances of the place Brannan was in.

“Danna had been through much of the exact same turmoil, decades ago, and had opened a center to help get Vietnam vets benefits and educate their spouses and communities about their condition” – – This would be a categorical claim because in the statement there is a list of details retaining to what Danna had experienced. 

“This is the only reason I am well.” – This is a causal claim because the speaker clearly states that this singular reason is why she is well.

“People care when you tell them.” – This is a causal claim due to the fact that is person is just putting the statement out there and assumes this with everyone.

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