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It seems counterintuitive that PTSD can be contagious. However, the article is showing that PTSD can in fact be contagious. A woman named Brannan never went to war, but her husband did go to war in Iraq. When he came back, he ended getting PTSD, which made him one of a couple hundred thousand to do so. What is so funny is that her husband came back really fearful and reactive to any little thing because he is afraid that there is danger around, and Brennan is showing some of those same symptoms. Both of their noses also run and they are very aware of their surroundings. It is like her husband came from war and brought all his feelings and trauma on her, and as a result, she gradually starts getting some symptoms.

It seems kind of counterintuitive that Belgium would allow doctors to euthanize children. Doing such acts is basically banned everywhere else in the world with some exceptions. However, Belgium does do it and allow it. This can be done to children with disabilities too, although they have to have disernment. Also, the majority of people in the Belgium senate who voted against this law were mostly Christians, which is interesting. Because of this, many people, including children, can now request doing this to end some sort of suffering they are going through.

It really seems counterintuitive that multi vitamins can be dangerous. However, that is exactly what it seems. There was a study done with women to see if they made a difference to protect them from diseases like colon cancer and heart disease, but they did nothing. In fact, they can actually lead you to more problems. Sometimes with these things, you can pass the recommended limit for certain vitamins and minerals, which can lead you to more problems.

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