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It seems counterintuitive to think that a single individual can change the world, however that may not be the case. Social entrepreneurs are changing the world through innovation and a non-profit business model. Whether it be through investment in the future or advancement of medical technology, ordinary people are receiving support and funding to change the world for the better. It is the actions of one person that can change the world.

It is counterintuitive to think that a superstore would sell fresh and local produce. However, Walmart has recently pushed for the sale of more organic and locally grown produce to stock their shelves. The company stated it was on track to sell $400 million annually from this local produce as well as assured customers that 9% of its produce would be locally grown by 2015. This change to local produce was likely due to economic opportunity as opposed to providing the best products for customers. It is far more costly to transport produce across the country than it is to buy food from more local sources. Fruits and vegetables also could perish on the trip which made the transition to locally grown produce an even easier decision.

It is counterintuitive to think that cutting down trees to make paper can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, using paper from trees is more environmentally friendly than burning them as it allows for the carbon to be stored for longer. When the paper is no longer of use, it should be recycled as paper put into landfills will release the carbon into the atmosphere. This has created a demand for more wood to be used in the creation of houses as it stores the carbon for longer after trees have been cut. Shipping discarded paper to China has also been seen as a better solution to the carbon issue as they can reuse the paper for their shipping of products to the United States. While this the use of paper is not a flawless plan, it is a step in the direction of reducing carbon emissions.

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