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Vancouver Combats Heroin by Giving its Addicts the best Smack in the World

It seems counterintuitive that to fight and stop a city’s heroin problem they are actually doing the opposite of what should be done. They are ultimately handing out heroin to addicts in Vancouver. Doctors are prescribing free heroin two to three times a day. Those who were trying to get clean off heroin did not get this. People believe that this benefits people because it will allow those who use it to be comfortable and not be of harm to others. Although, this program does not care if addicts get clean. They think that people will stop dealing and using other ways to make money besides selling heroin since now it can be used to help people. This can be a shocking and disturbing program to some people but it does seem like it can work out in the end. 

Source: Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world | The World from PRX

Investigating the Success of Scoring Methods When Faced With Manipulative Judging

It seems counterintuitive that there can always be a chance that a judge will intentionally manipulate the scores. They may give higher or lower scores to certain people based on what they want their ending to look like. Unfair voting is always an issue when it comes to judging because people will always say something was done wrong intentionally or not. This paper wants to fix the problem of the unfairness in the judging system. The researcher was able to figure out that all methods produce the most successes when there are no manipulators. For example, a judge who wants to make Contestant 2 win might think that giving the front-runner the worst score can decrease their composite score, giving Contestant 2 a better chance of winning. Unfortunately, that is not the case. One extreme lower value may not have any place on a contestant’s rank if the median number of voters is higher. 

Source:azu_etd_mr_2013_0293_sip1_m.pdf;jsessionid=57E307839BF35BFABD84A6B160EE01FD (arizona.edu)

The Hair Part Theory: The Mirror of Dorian Gray

It seems counterintuitive that a hairstyle can be the answer to all our questions. It gives us confidence, makes us happy, it even defines how our behavior will be. The hair part theory started when John Walter decided to part his hair a different way than how he always has. The hair part theory is parting your hair to the left, he realized the way we see ourselves in the mirror is how others view someone since it is reversed. He believes that the right hair part can give people so many advantages. This can definitely be a powerful source to people because this hairstyle can make anyone feel positive about themselves and confident. 

Source: The Mirror of Dorian Gray – The Atlantic

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