White Paper- QueenRandom

Hypothesis: Changing the way police are able to police you would take away their power. They lose their need to be a gang and it decreases the violence inflicted on the average person

  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56834733 
  • Backgrond information: The training in the US is vastly different from the way the rest of the world  trains their officers. Finland’s gun ownership per population is higher than America’s with a statistic of 32 per 100 people yet they don’t have the same issue with violence we do. We require the least amount of training yet have the largest population of police officers. The least amount of training and the highest rate of mortality within police interation. They’re allowed to decide of their own discretion how much violence is necessary. When in other countries there are concrete steps required to be met before they are allowed to use any violence at all. 
  • How I intend to use it: I want to use this source to defend against the argument that the police are violent because America is just inherently violent. That the violence of the police is just a response to the gun violence issue within the country. Finland’s policing system and country proves that violence isn’t a byproduct of the police existing in the first place. 
  1. https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/doi/pdfdirect/10.1111/1745-9133.12467 
  • Background information: This is a overview of multiple studies looking at the effectiveness of desclation as the first tool utizlitzed within policing. It is objective and observant all it does is give the information of data that already exists. 
  • How I intend to use it: This is evidence for or against the hypothesis that I am trying to prove. If there is a different way of policing what is it? Can de-escalation effectively be used as an alternative to what is the norm of policing.  
  1. https://onlinelibrary-wiley-com.ezproxy.rowan.edu/doi/full/10.1111/1745-9133.12536 
  • Background Information: This study takes a real police department  in America and records the data of their violence before and after de-esclation training and tatics were put to use. 
  • How I intend to use it:  This study provides more information why de-esclation and non-voilence could be a beneficial tool to lessen the divide between police and the general public. To use against the person that would be against the abolishment of police. A realistic and doable start to they issue could be implementing required de-esclation training 
  1. https://time.com/6181463/george-floyd-square-memorial-future/ 
  • Background Information: George Floyd was killed in May of 2020 and in response citizens took over a square block of the city where he was murdered, this came to be known as George Floyd Square. An autonomous block functioning without police or government presence. As more time passes and the significance of George Floyd’s death’s importance lessens to the general public it raises the question of how long this square will be allowed to stay and exist. 
  • How I will use it: I want to focus on the square itself all of my previous sources have been about assimilating to the have culture already surrounding policing and adjusting it to be less violent. You know what is better than less violence? No violence at all. I want to look at how the Square functioned and governed itself without a traditional police presence present and how it would look implemented around the country, 
  1. https://sites.uab.edu/humanrights/2021/12/08/the-history-of-policing-in-the-us-and-its-impact-on-americans-today/#:~:text=The%20history%20of%20policing%20can,first%20unofficial%20police%20in%20America
  • Background information: This is a definitive timeline of how policing came to be. How it’s history influences the violence and culture enforced within stations across the nation. 
  • How I intend to use it: I can make the claim in my hypothesis that police are gang like but without proper proff it’s empty words. This source allows me to point directly at why and how the police act the way they do with proof past the general populations knowledge of the police. 
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