White Paper-blueee

My Hypothesis:

I will be researching how money can change a persons behavior and cause others to be treated unfair.

Source #1Merely activating the concept of money changes personal and interpersonal behavior

Background: This article explains how money plays a big role in peoples lives but it hasn’t been researched as much. Although what it shows is how people can be more helpful when reminded of money, meaning having a reason to do something. But is it even help if you’re doing it do get something in return. People will put their all into a task and work harder than those not bribed with money.

How I intend to use it : I can use the information from this article to support my research because it proves and explains how easily peoples behavior can change when money is involved. Money can make someone want to do a challenge more, while those not bribed are more likely to be lazy and less physical.

Source #2: Behavioral and wealth considerations for seeking professional financial planning help

Background: In this article there is information explaining how individuals with lower income risk financial issues because they don’t get the same advice as those who have a higher income. When they get advice they just take it as a compliment.

How I intend to use it: This will support how unfairly people with lower income are treated. They should get the same opportunity as those higher in class. All the information they can get is from friends, family and the internet but a professional can give better advice than any of that. A professional will offer help to those wealthier and it won’t even be used most of the time. Why is it that the wealthy get help when they are obviously not the ones having financial issues.

Source #3: Taxing the rich

Background: In this article it explains how people argue about the rich not being taxed fairly just as others are. Someone stated in the article, very briefly, believes that the governments don’t tax the rich because inequality is high or rising. Their is no equality or fairness to how everyone is taxed. The system is rigged to favor the rich.

How I intend to use it: I intend to us this to show how even the government is unfair. They put the rich above the poor. There is no help even from the ones in control, it’s sad because the rich have the money to give more for taxes yet the poor pay more taxes, it makes absolutely no sense. I don’ understand how this has been happening for such a long time and no one has tried to change it.

Source #4: Are the rich more Unethical and greedy?

Background: In this article it explains how the poor are likely to be more generous and less selfish. A University of Toronto published several studies showing that wealthier people act more unethical than those with less money. A lot of the evidence shown explains how in some of the largest fraud cases that the CEO was the one directly responsible.

How I intend to use it: I will use this in my paper to explain how less wealthy individuals tend to be nicer and treat those around them respectful while those who are more wealthy are selfish and greedy. This article also explains how some of the richest people in businesses could be frauds. They take what they have for granted and always want more.

Source #5: The rich get richer, the poor get even: Perceived socioeconomic position influences micro‐social distributions of wealth

Background: In this article it explains how two studies examine whether psychological mindsets adopted by the wealthy and the less wealthy act to perpetuate inequality. Their was a study held and the wealthy pursue their self interest, the poorer challenged inequality by rejecting unequal offers. In this study many was offered to both but as they hypothesized, the wealthy individuals are more stingy, they think of themselves.

How I intend to use it: I intend to use this information to show how their is more evidence on the poor being more kind than the wealthy. The wealthy put themselves first before others and although that is good, sometimes it can be very selfish. You would think the poor would be greedy since they are the ones in need but it always seems to be the opposite.

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5 Responses to White Paper-blueee

  1. blueee04 says:

    I would like to know if I did this assignment correctly. Does my summaries make sense? Is there anything I should work on or change?


  2. davidbdale says:

    Your Summaries make plenty of sense, Azul, but they’re very incomplete. I can’t get much of a sense from them of what the articles actually say. I can tell what they’re ABOUT, but that’s not the purpose of the White Paper. Until you actively engage with the material and explain to yourself in detail HOW THEY CONTRIBUTE to an argument, the Summaries are incomplete.

    Reading your White Paper SHOULD feel like ready a very early rough draft of your paper, broken into sections. It’s where you practice your arguments to see how they sound, and tinker with them to make them more persuasive.

    Does that help?


  3. blueee04 says:

    Yes, thats helpful. Thank you.


  4. davidbdale says:

    When you first posted it, this was a preliminary assignment. It was among the better first drafts then, but now it’s far behind where it should be, Blueee.

    Use this White Paper to take Notes and record your impressions of your sources AS YOU READ THEM, the best way to begin converting your research material into language of your own that you can export to your short arguments when it’s time to draft them. You don’t appear to have investigated your sources any further than when you first posted them.

    This post will be regraded from time to time, or on your specific request.


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