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Parsing the new “humane” food labels

It seems counterintuitive that these labels that big organizations put on their foods such as “cage-free” seem counterintuitive. This is because these organizations are able to lie about certain word choices if they follow very lenient guidelines. For an example, “cage-free” just means that the chickens are able to become free. In a video I watched in 8th grade about Purdue’s chicken farms, if every chicken were to circulate themselves perfectly at all times, one chicken would be able to go outside for about 1-2 seconds. That is possible at all.

Many organizations like the NCBA, PQA Plus, the ASIA, etc. have guidelines that extremely lenient. In the PQA Plus, the organization dealing with pigs, no third party audit is required. In the NCBA and the ASIA, organizations dealing with cows and sheep, they are not required to audit at all. They are not even required to have a grazing pasture for the animals.

While change for this is extremely difficult, there has been a slight change due to consumer pressure. Organizations like the American Welfare Association are requiring stricter rules for the animals. This benefits smaller, local farmers, but it only equals out to about 0.001% of all the U.S animals raised for slaughter.

That Daily Shower Can Be a Killer

It seems counterintuitive that taking a shower will increase your risk for death, but for the elderly that is true. A big part of becoming older is the risk of falling. Many times elderly are severely injured, unable to get up, and they can often face consequences later in life. When the risk of falling in the shower is low, by taking at least one every single day that number can eventually catch up to you.

The New Guinea’s have used this logic with situations that may impact them. When setting up tents at night, they will never do it underneath a dead tree. Although its been up there for years beyond years, there is a chance that it will fall. The New Guinea’s try to avoid situations that could result in death as much as possible.

While clicking on this article I thought it was going to be something ridiculous, this has completely changed my mind. Being a young adult, if I fall in the shower, I am able to stand right back up. But for many people that may not be the case. Although I do not believe we should stop taking showers altogether, realizing the possibilities of getting severely injured are extremely important.

Does Using Paper Take CO2 out of the Environment?

It seems counterintuitive to recycle paper since it is already a renewable resource, but the amount of carbon in the paper it much more than most of us think. In fact, there is about 440 pounds of carbon per ton of paper. This is due to plants breathing in carbon dioxide. When the trees are chopped down, the carbon is still inside the trees which then gets turned into paper.

I did not expect thing at all. When thinking about the environment, everyone points a finger at plastic bottles, plastic bag, and plastic straws, but the alternative could be just as worst. Do scientist truly want our world to get better, or do they just want to seem like they want to the world to be better? Does going all paper really have an effect?

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