My Hypothesis- SayCheese

  1. money happiness
  2. money makes life easier
  3. having a lot of money makes life better
  4. money making life worse
  5. how does having a lot of money make life harder
  6. at some point, money stops making life better and starts making it worse
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  1. davidbdale says:

    I like the basic concept, SayCheese. And I think there’s substantial anecdotal evidence to support your notion. Your challenge will be to describe with some rigor what “at some point” means, right?

    —It can’t be “after a certain time.”
    —It can’t be “after a certain income is reached.”
    —It can’t be “after a certain wealth is achieved.”

    Wealth and income are always relative, both for the individual (who may feel wealthy long before others would), (or who may feel poor long after others would), and for the rest of society. In my youth, a $20,000/year salary could support a family nicely.

    So, what’s your metric?
    Does money “start making things worse” after our basic needs are met? Food/shelter/healthcare?
    —Or later (after what?)
    —After we have a “comfortable” retirement plan?
    —After we no longer “need” to work, whatever that may mean for an individual?

    If there’s no way to describe the “tipping point,” you’ll risk tautology (great word to add to your vocabulary if you don’t know it), such as: “At the point where money stops being a way to meet our needs and starts being a ‘thing to be accumulated for its own sake,’ it starts to make our lives worse.”

    See the problem with that definition?
    —If somebody isn’t obsessed with money, we declare that they’re still “meeting their needs.”
    —If somebody becomes obsessed with money, we declare that their needs have been met, and they’ve turned the corner to “things are worse.”

    I don’t mean to discourage you. I’m sure there’s plenty of academic study on greed, money obsession, and mindless accumulation (acquisitiveness). Those should be good search terms, too.

    Good luck. Stay in touch on this.

    If you love feedback, be sure to Reply. If you don’t, I stop responding! 🙂


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